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Good morning Thursday Crafthackers!

Though you may know about these guys, there’s big changes happening. Prouse’s Pottery and Soaps is rebranding and changing locations. After a long time in their current shop – which really didn’t have the space to house the creative making that goes on there, they are moving to a new, beautiful space. A space that really does justice to what an artisan needs to have not only a studio, but a full retail shop.

Not just a full reatail shop. It will be an artisan shop with enough space to have a making area where you can watch the Potter do his thing, but space for events and workshops, a full retail store that won’t need to be moved around to accommodate the workshops that go on.

Please go and check out the Indigogo campaign and show some love for this business that has been a core part of the Hamilton artisan community and Ottawa Street community for years. Just a small donation can get you a hand crafted bowl or soap, and let me tell you, the soap is absolutely divine and worth the donation.

Not only can you donate to receive an item, Mud & Suds is also preselling classes, which are tonnes of fun and you can buy them for pottery classes, bath bomb or soap making classes. Go ahead and check it out and throw some money at local artisans who are expanding – that is an incredible feat in this day and age where artisanal products are combatting high rents, taxes and all the other red tape of owning a business. Let’s help this dream come true and help this business find it’s true home.





The Wyrmwood Adventurer’s Arsenal

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Wyrmwood is back with another Kickstarter!

The Adventurer’s Arsenal is the latest modular tabletop gaming system from Wyrmwood, and we designed it to be the perfect companion for players of role playing games.

All three components of the Adventurer’s Arsenal are available in our beautiful line of domestic and exotic hardwoods, with pricing determined by your wood selection.

Want to see more?  Head over to their Kickstarter to take a look!


Indiegogo Feature: Quiltoni

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I have been asked a lot of questions on my Indiegogo so with one day left I wanted to answer those questions.  Hopefully this will help not just those interested in supporting me, but supporting others.

So what is a dice bag?

A dice bag is a small draw string pouch that is normally used to hold dice for tabletop gaming.  You don’t have to just use it for dice though.

How secure is giving someone money on line?

It is very secure when done through proper channels.  Crowdfunding sites such as Indiegogo and KickStarter charge your credit card directly when the campaign finishes.  They do it in a very safe and secure way and the person you contributed to never sees your payment information.

How do I contribute?

Choose a perk on the right hand side of the campaign.  Make sure you read the campaign itself for more information about the rewards.  If you wanted to contribute more than what the perk is for, just add the additional amount in the checkout.

What are stretch rewards?

Stretch rewards are goals that only happen when campaigns reach certain levels.  The Indiegogo I am running for Quiltoni has the first stretch reward at $5,000.  If the campaign reaches that amount, everyone who has pledged $60 or more will receive a free dice bag!  The next reward level of $10,000 gives those same people a 2nd dice bag they can customize and make reversible,

There is a time limit, what does that mean?

Just that, most campaigns are only for a certain period of time.  In the case of my campaign, it ends Sunday February 28th at night.  That means the rewards won’t be available any more.  For me, if I don’t raise enough to pay for the things that were stolen, I won’t continue taking commissions and may stop attending some conventions.  For other campaigns they may have rewards that are only ever going to be available at that time.

Hopefully this helped everyone that isn’t familiar with Indiegogo and KickStarter!

If you would like to visit my campaign on Indiegogo, it can be found here.



Artist Feature: Dog Might Games, now with 50% more IRL adventure!

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We live a world where plastic rules, where products are not expected to last for more than 6 months, and where there is very little option, minus the use of a sharpie, to make something our own.  This is why we’re here, though!  We craft because we want to express ourselves and because we want quality, we want the items in our lives to truly mean something.

This is exactly where Dog Might Games stands.  You may remember a feature I wrote for them a while back (seen here) where I reviewed their work and artistry, and talked about their unique perspective.  Recently this lumberjack/canine company set up a Kickstarter for their most recent creation: The Dragon Sheath.


These pieces are meant to house your various tabletop RPG items, keeping them secure and neat, which is much like the box itself!

The obvious: These are really well made.  This is like the blackbox of a dice plane; the magnets holding it closed are incredibly strong but have been placed in a way that makes for easy angle opening.

I actually took my dragon sheath to a tabletop game store here in Manhattan and showed it to the employee to ask him what he thought.  I could tell he was ready to be underwhelmed, but as he held it, opened it, and looked it over, he let out a very surprised “This is actually really nice.. REALLY nice.  I’ve never seen anything like it.  This store had a so many items I could barely walk through it, and yet they did not have anything like this.

The wood is beautiful and sturdy and the spaces cut out within are perfectly sized for your dice, coins, figures, whatever you want because you get to choose!  You also get to choose the wood and the design on both sides.  It’s almost as if these guys actually want to give you what you want by giving you custom-made pieces…wait…

I think even Michael Bay himself would have a hard time wanting to blow this thing up.  He’d do it, but he’d shed a tear.

I love the variety that is offered with this new piece: from designs to wood choice, to customized interior chambers, it is all here.  Whether you’re a seasoned D&D’er, or just looking to break into IRL RPG, these dice sheaths are a beautiful and functional addition to your tabletop munitions.


– Shalyn

Indiegogo Feature: Quiltoni

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Last weekend I featured a Kickstarter from Craft Hacker member Dyrad Tea.  Today I am going to do something a little different and tell you about an Indiegogo that I am doing for my business Quiltoni.

Those that follow me on Social Media know that I had a large theft in October.  I lost all of my quilts and pillowcases and insurance din’t cover anything.  It was a very devastating blow and I didn’t know if I was going to continue on.  After a lot of support from friends and fans I decided to pick myself up and move on.  A lot of people suggested creating an account to collect donations.  While I support other people that do this, I don’t feel right accepting money without giving something back.  So for the last two months I have been working with friends on this Indiegogo Campaign that launched yesterday.

(I know the audio is a bit fuzzy, it plays better on a phone than a computer).

We came up with some really cool rewards (other than quilts, pillows, and dice bags) that I am excited about.


This will be a special one time only quilt where I will include the names of every person that chooses this reward.  After I finish the quilt, I will bring it to every convention I attend for an entire year.  So what happens to this quilt after the year?  It will randomly go to one of the people on the quilt!

NES Sampler Patterns

Making the NES Sampler Quilt and can’t wait 12 months to get all of the patterns?  For $50 you will not only receive all of the patterns in a PDF format, but you will also get a special iron on label showing your support with your thank you note.


This is my favorite reward.  If you choose the Where is North America is Toni I will travel to you and spend at least 2 days doing something fun.  I can give you private quilting lessons, teach classes, do charity work, or just hang out and play some cards.  I really hope I get to go places I have never been!


The Weekend Adventurer is the most requested reward.  If you choose this reward I will give you the VIP experience from our point of view at a convention.  Lodging, Food, and a pass to the convention will be provided. (Your travel is not covered).  You can hang out with us the entire weekend and see what it’s like to be an artist.  There are some conventions I am not able to get an extra pass to, so if you would like to check to see what convention options there are, just ask!

Please take a look at my Indiegogo campaign.  Even if you can’t make a pledge, sharing it supports me just as much!




Color World

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Bit of different angle on the subject today. Instead of just featuring another crafter, today I’m going to showcase an artist who mostly works in the 2D space of pictures and books.

Color World is a multi book fantasy series (3 released with more in the works) about an empath that sees the world differently. The author, Rachel E Kelly,  is one of the many lovely people that we have met on the convention circuit and travels with her family as she promotes the series around the country. Since she is an author and not an visual artist you may be wondering why the feature today. Well besides the fact that they are hoping to start a monthly comic based of the book series via kickstarter, they are also big supporters of handmade items; often featuring art from the series made by other artists (and sold with their permission/contract of course). It’s a wonderful fantasy series set in modern times and I highly recommend checking out the book on amazon and then the Kickstarter to see their plans for the future. 🙂

Kickstarter Feature: Zorphbert & Fred Bean Bag Plushes

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You may remember the feature we did on Super Sox Shop back on May 31.  Take a look at what she is doing now!



These Bean Bag Plushies are so adorable!  I know first hand Gina’s work so know they will be an awesome quality and can’t wait to get a pair of my own.  They have a few reward levels and stretch goals.

This is a great team up between two great artistic ladies that represents everything we love at Craft Hackers.  Hand made, yes!  Cuteness to die for, yes!  Supporting a small business owner, DOUBLE YES!  So check out their Kick Starter here and let’s support hand made.


Kickstarter Feature: Wyrmwood Gaming

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If you were planning on ordering anything from Wyrmwood Gaming in the next few months, or even at GenCon this year, you may just have to do it now instead.

Wyrmwood Gaming normally has a selection of 14 core woods. The Kickstarter is launching the portable dice tower, attachable dice tray, and dice vault in 70 different woods! This is the greatest selection of wood they have ever had.

In addition to being able to order a complete set in 70 different woods, they have offered two amazing and unique rewards, the dungeon master collection and the Wyrmwood Adventure.

We offer the ultimate Wyrmwood Adventure to one backer. You will meet with Douglas and Ian Costello, our founders and head craftsmen, to collaborate on a tower, personal tray, and dice vault made from the finest materials available. From sourcing the lumber personally, to brainstorming design elements in a pub, to learning master woodworking techniques, your Complete System will be entirely unique, and you’ll have a hand in every part of the creative process.

I have finally bought my own system.  I can’t wait until it is delivered and we can start using it.  They already have complete funding, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t take this opportunity to get your system in some woods that may not be offered again.  You can find the Wyrmwood Kickstarter here.  Their regular website can be found here, their Facebook can be found here, and their Twitter can be found here.


Indiegogo Feature: Cherrywood Hand Dyed Fabrics

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Cherrywood Fabrics in Brainerd, Minnesota creates unique hand dyed fabrics that are perfect for quilters, fiber artists, garment makers, sewers, seamstresses, crafters, doll makers, and interior designers.  Their claim to fame is the special look of their fabric.  It is 100% cotton but has a really cool suede look to it.


They desperately need your help to move to a new location.

I have heard from many people how amazing their fabrics are.  If you donate to their campaign you can get some amazing rewards including some of their awesome fabric, their Wicked challenge book (that you can get signed by Gregory Maguire!).

I plan on donating to their Indiegogo campaign as well as purchase the fabrics for my Color World Inspired quilt.  Their fabrics are so unique and breathtaking I can’t wait to work with them.  You can find their campaign here to donate.  If you want to look at all of their fabrics you can find their website here.


Kick Starter Feature: Dryad Tea

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Back on September 12 I featured Dryad Tea.  They are a home grown one woman company in Colorado that makes wonderfully delicious teas.  So I was very excited when I saw the Kick Starter for a new blend of teas.  I normally feature Kick Starter projects that haven’t met their goals, but Rubiee is a friend of Craft Hackers so I still had to share it.

From her Kick Starter:

What exactly is the project?
This Kickstarter is to create loose leaf tea blends inspired by the music of SJ Tucker. Her newest CD, Stolen Season to be exact. If funded, 9 blends will be created (possibly more due to stretch goals). I’m VERY excited about this project, working with SJ is a dream and a blessing. The last project we did together had some amazing, magical blends come out of it.

Tea and Music??
Yup. Tea and music. It’s worked before, very very well in fact. I’m really looking forward to making it work again. Each blend will be inspired by a single song, the feelings that the song invokes and the mental pictures.

What does the money go to? $2500, really?
I know that $2500 is quite a bit of money, but here is what it will go to:
Research and blending of the teas, purchasing supplies, purchasing shipping materials, shipping for the final products to backers, pizza and/or coffee (gasp!) for my reward-packing helpers.

She has some absolutely amazing rewards for backers and the $12 level will get at least 2 samples of these new blends!  If you would like to see all of the rewards or get some amazing tea (and help with those stretch goals) head over to her Kick Starter here.