Comparing Heights

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I’ve got a cool little reference tool for everyone today! Now I know this won’t be used for every medium out there, but if you draw or write about people with your art then continue on my friends.

This is a nifty little weblet made by Mr Initial Man called Comparing Heights, that lets you quickly get a visual on what the height differences should look like for characters. While you may have an idea for average heights (6′-5′ range) I find this to be incredibly helpful for fantasy art. Got a 60′ giant? Now you know just how large that would look next to you. Want to know if you fairy is too big? They got you covered. 🙂 I could see this being a fun tool for D&D GMs as well. If you are worried about group shots more, you can compared up to 6 people in this one right here instead. It’s really just a great simple (and free!) tool to help get everything into perspective. ;P

Happy Happy Joy Joy & Polish Co.

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Hi there Thursday Crafthackers!

I was at the Craftadian craft fair in Hamilton, Ontario, where local artisans get together to sell their wares and I had a great time and I met a whole bunch of new people. I will be doing a series on the artisans that I met there who made some amazing hand made things. On that note, I would like to introduce Joy & Polish Co. who is a handmade nail polish company. That’s right. Hand made nail polish.

Check out our Spring Collection, available at Craftadian Spring Market this Saturday and on Etsy. Looks like someone figured out iMovie.

Posted by Joy & Polish Company on Wednesday, April 5, 2017

When I met this company at the show, it was an unassuming little table with a really simple set up, and what caught my eye was my feminine inclination for pretty, sparkly cosmetics.

These nail polishes are free of the “big 5”, which, if you’re not aware, are: dibutyl phthalate, toluene, formaldehyde, formaldehyde resin and camphor. Formaldehyde is what is used to preserve bodies, so, I don’t know about you, but I don’t want that anywhere near my live body.

The colours are fantastic, as you can see, and they wear well. I did 3 coats on my own nails (yes, I bought some), and even without a topcoat or bottom coat, lasted for 3 days without chipping. And I work with my hands.

These guys sell on Etsy, and you can check out all their stuff here, on Facebook too. Their prices are not more than what you’d find in a drugstore and they do shipping (and pickup if you’re in the area).

Hope you enjoyed this post, and check them out. Their colours are just phenomenal!!!

~ Megan

DIY Christmas Trees (for small spaces)

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Hello Thursday Crafthackers.


As you may know, I’m a small space living person, and so I’m all for ideas that save space and time. Now, these may not save you time, but there are several that are good ways to save space. For those of you who love decorating for Christmas but don’t have the space, this DIY is for you. There are many sources for these, but this particular partial list is coming from My First Apartment. Some will come with tutorials, others are inspirations that are easily adaptable (meaning, this is a post all about thinking outside the box, this season, rather than a tutorial on how to do each) I’m going to pick a few of my favourites to show you, and I hope that you enjoy them as much as I did.

With a little help from some power tools, this tree can be yours!

With a little help from some power tools, this tree can be yours!

I absolutely adore this cut pipe tree. Made from different sizes of plastic pipes, (which if you can’t find in other colours, you could spray paint to be pine tree green or another super fun holiday colour like, silver or gold…) The best part is that you can still decorste it with ornaments in the pipes, or if your pipes are different lengths, you can even string garlands across it. The only downside is storing it for next year.

I love these fun trees made out of Washi tape, which is a rice paper masking tape with a low adhesive so it works similarly to a decal. You can find these at local craft stores, and give you the option of having your tree take up no space, and you can make as many as big as you like, and then you don’t have to worry about storing them over the winter. Just keep your rolls of tape to reuse and you’re golden.

For those who don't want to store anything but the lights...

For those who don’t want to store anything but the lights…

I’m loving how this diy tree looks, with just books and lights. If you’re a reader, then this could be for you. It takes up a little space to set up, but when you’re done, you don’t have to worry about storage – just put your books back on the shelf. It’s super easy and super cute, and looks great with the lights draped on it.

Lastly, I think this is such an amazing idea. You could do so much, with strategic frame hanging. Picture it.. (haha), you could have photos of pine trees to give the idea of a tree, you can spray paint frames in silver and gold and use wrapping paper instead of photos in the frames. You could even just wrap the frames with wrapping paper so you have a tree made out of gifts! You could also print whatever you would like to look at over the holidays to be your tree. For this, your two dimensional possibilities are endless.


I hope all of you who live with small spaces got inspired, and will find your own way to make your space special.


Happy crafting!


Basic Hand Stitching

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As someone who only just recently developed a tentative truce with my sewing machine, I often find myself still relying on hand sewing for all my general sewing needs. Old habits die hard and all that I’m sure, but sometimes you just have a fickle bit or you just don’t feel like carting around a big machine on the go. In either event, if you’ve been thinking about brushing up on your skills, or just learning how to hand sew in the first place, I have found a lovely illustrated guide just for you.

There is much, much more (I just took the top part to keep this post form scrolling for ages) that you can easily scroll/read at your leisure here on Lady Cels’ deviantart page. Don’t be dismissive of the title either and think it’s not for you. While it may have been written with a cosplayer in mind, cosplay is still just working with fabric and these techniques can still help your basic sewing skills.


Paper Cup Comic

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Proof that anything can be a canvas if you have the creativity and inspiration, Japanese artist Shinrashinge turned 3 nested paper cups into their own ‘live action’ manga via careful cutting and layering.

By turning the two inner layers they’ve created another epic battle between Dragonball Z characters Goku and Frieza; as well as the iconic Shen Lon dragon scroll along the bottom. (Though this battle is likely the shortest one they’ve ever had ^_~ ) It’s a pretty cool piece and a fun concept to play with if you’re paper crafting skills are up to snuff. Personally I have a tricky enough time with a flat surface, much less a curved one. You can watch the full video of the design in actions here, or just start following their instagram if you want more art like this in your life. 🙂


Artist Resource: Posemaniacs

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The human body can be one of the trickiest subjects to draw/sculpt. We see the form everyday so as soon as something is slightly off your subconscious will pick up on it right away. As an artist, I’ve always found pose references to be invaluable…but limited. Unless you got someone you know to pose for you, if can be very difficult to find the right view point you need help with. Well, today I’d like to share a great free resource I discovered. It’s a website called posemaniacs, and they have an incredibly helpful in browser pose adjuster.

Head ShotAs you can see in the menu on the right, it’s also not in English so you’ll have to go through and select everything to see what your options are. The top three are their CT scans for parts of the male body. Specifically the Head, Torso, and Foot. The torso is the default selected when you load the page and does feature the male genitals so if that’s not something you can handle then skip that one.

handThe main focus of this flash based tool are hands. That’s what about 75%-85% of the options are, but hands can be one of the trickiest things to draw so I welcome the options to see a hand at different angles. Everything is completely rendered and you can easily click and move your mouse to rotate the image to your desired position, as well as use your scroll wheel to zoom in and out. While it won’t make any complex poses at the moment, it’s a great tool to help with tricky parts of the body, as well as techniques like foreshortening.


You Are My Sunshine

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I think I’m really aching for the sunshine today!  This winter has lasted too long!

Belle from ReImagination Prints brings us that little bit of happy with her You Are My Sunshine Dictionary Print Set!  Not only did it make me happy, it also got that song in my head that my mom used to sing to me when I was a little girl!


This is what Belle says about her artwork: “I find books that are falling apart and I carefully rescue the usable pages and up-cycle them by printing them with digitally enhanced old photos, vintage illustrations and my own artwork. Most of the pages I use are over 115 years old so each piece created is unique and one of a kind with its own individual shading and character.

I enjoy the idea of taking worn books that are about to be tossed out and turning them into something completely different that hopefully will be enjoyed, and maybe even treasured, for many more years to come. The books I source my materials from were destined for the dust heap of history (that’s just a nice way of saying they were to be tossed in the trash) but I turn them into something new and different so they can be appreciated once again.”

Do you want your own unique piece of art?

If you need a little Audrey Hepburn in your life, may I suggest the Dark Mood print or the Breakfast at Tiffany’s print?  Both are just so classic!

il_570xN.383250027_tcj1 il_570xN.419638971_61hz

Or if you’re looking for a bit of inspiration


I think my personal favourite is this Alice in Wonderland print.  It is just so fanciful and goes perfectly with the dictionary background!


If you would like to see more from ReImagination Prints, you should check out her Etsy store!  You will not be disappointed!

– Lindsay

Charming Art of Animus Rhythm

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Now that I have device able to use keystrap charms again, I’ve been looking all over my usual haunts for beautiful and unique designs. Animus Rhythm is definitely in the running as a top contender thanks to their beautiful art style.

There is just something whimsical and fun about her art that lends it’s self so well to this medium. The charms themselves are printed on a 3mm think golden acrylic that is eye catching without clashing with the color of the device it will be attached to. This artistic duo also make other lovely creations with their art such as:

Custom Printed Glass Jars

Adorable Functional Tote Bags

And so much more. Their designs range from infectiously cute to stunningly detailed and I highly recommend a look through their store. 🙂


Watercolour Wonder

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I was looking around for my next inspiration for this blog post and somehow, just somehow, I stumbled upon something absolutely magical!  I can’t imagine that my wallet is going to be too happy with me for this find.

InkistPrints makes gorgeous Giclée prints, many being of watercolour images.  I am very drawn to the style of these images and particularly the colours used.  It doesn’t hurt that many of the prints are also of Disney characters!  😀  But there are also many beautiful cityscapes, monograms and even typography prints.  Something for everyone!


“What is a Giclée print?

Giclée (zhee-klay) is a French word meaning a spray or a spurt of liquid. In the past few years, the word ‘giclée’, as a fine art term, has come to be associated with prints using fade-resistant, pigment based archival inks, produced using a professional 8-colour to 12-colour inkjet printer. The giclée printing process provides incredibly detailed prints, with better color accuracy than other means of reproduction for both the fine art and photographic markets. The quality of the giclée print rivals traditional silver-halide and gelatin printing processes, whilst being very stable, and they are now more commonly found in museums, art galleries and photographic galleries.”

Here are some of my favourites!

Beauty and the Beast  Wall E  Beatles

Be sure to check out this etsy store!  You won’t be sorry!  InkistPrints can also be found on Pinterest and Wanelo.

– Lindsay