Kickstarter Feature: Magnetic Game Master Screen

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The amazing people over at Wyrmwood have done it again!  They have a new Kickstarter for a new project that I am really excited for.

This will take tabletop gaming to a whole new level!  I am super excited about it and hope they reach all of the stretch goals to unlock the chest of holding.  I may want a few of these for my desk!

Take a look at their Kickstarter to see everything for yourself and pledge!


Rolling Rolling Rolling

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Those dice they do be rolling…

It never fails. You’re in the middle of a tabletop or board game and you go to roll your dice only to end up knocking things over, pushing things out of place, or just confused as to where you can safely roll your dice.


Enter the dice rolling box.


The creation of a dice rolling box in our household has solved a myriad of problems for us. Everything from a safe way to transport all the party miniatures from one place to another, to actually its named purpose.


Best of all, this is incredibly simple to make. Following this tutorial over on IKEA Hackers, all it takes is a cheap frame from IKEA, some felt, and we used some spray on glue meant for fabric, but any kind would do.

Happy rolling!

~ eliste

Pokemon Battery Packs

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The new Pokemon go game is hitting the world and it is all a lot of people talk about.  My Facebook stream has been filled with pictures, articles, and comments all about the game.  I may have contributed some to Facebook myself.  Craft Hackers has been no exception and over the past two weeks we have talked about declaring you team with patches and saving your battery with a custom case.

The battery saver got me thinking.  I wondered if there was a bigger and better battery we could use while declaring our love of Pokemon at the same time.  Danielle from Magical Superstore solved it for me with her hand made Pokeball themed battery pack.


From her description on the Etsy listing:

An excellent and stylish rechargeable battery for playing Pokémon Go. The battery pack is 5300mAh and 2.1 amps, which can fully charge and revive your phone 2-3 times.

A clasp is attached to the battery to conveniently fit on your belt loop or backpack so you can walk around all day without holding it.

The battery has built in LED indicators (blue for phone charging, red for battery charging, which turns blue when fully charged) and comes with a universal micro USB to recharge the battery. (Phone connector not included.)

The interior of the plastic shell is hand-painted, carved with a Dremel, and the battery fits securely inside in a vinyl-sealed Pokeball. I made one after Pokémon Go kept draining my battery and I wanted a cool way to keep my phone charged. I love that people immediately know that I’m playing the game too. Each one is crafted to order in my studio in San Francisco. They are fragile and should not be dropped or thrown.

Gotta charge your phone!

Did you catch the part where it can attach to your belt loop or battery pack?!  How amazing is that!!?


If you would like a Pokeball battery pack of your own, head over to the Etsy listing and pick one up for yourself.


Big Fun in the Backyard

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A glorious day, Sunday readers! It’s summer and those lazy, weekend days are numbered! What are you going to do about it?! How about some oversized backyard game DIYs so that you can take advantage of as many as you can? Pretty much everyone has at least seen the giant sized Jenga and maybe you’ve played giant chess in the park but what about…a giant Four in a Row:

Pretty simple design AND you get to play with power tools! Woohoo!

Pretty simple design AND you get to play with power tools! Woohoo!

The tutorial, found here, seems pretty easy to follow and won’t take long if you are pretty handy with the power tools! Want something a bit simpler? How about a game of Yardzee:

Just be careful that no one is in the way of your roll!

Just be careful that no one is in the way of your roll!

If you follow the guidelines outlined here, you can even put in an order for those snazzy decals to make it all official! Ok, ok, what if you are more of the fabric or paint oriented crafter? Have I got just the thing for you (that also happens to be one of my fave games), giant sized Trouble:

It's not pop-o-matic but it will do!

It’s not pop-o-matic but it will do!

The description of the process can be found here and there are even more ideas therein for a Trouble themed party if you wanted to take it further.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have to go talk my parents into letting me turn their backyard into a giant sized Twister game!

Stay crafty!