More Amazing 3D Fuse Bead Art

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In the past, Nicole brought to you the wonderful world of 3D fuse bead art (click here for full post). In the convention circuit, I’ve run a across quite a few fuse bead artists but not many that deal in 3D creations. I have to say that when I first spied theĀ Pixel Visions booth across the crowded aisles of artists alley, my breath stopped for a moment. Truly, this Metroid was taking fuse beads to the next level:

Whatever you do, don't let it out!

Whatever you do, don’t let it out!

Erin, the artist, has the most wonderful eye for colors, texture, and placement. Her pieces seem to be ready to leap right off of the table, like the Cheep Cheep in her fish bowls.

We're going to need a bigger bowl!

Flying fish, ahoy!

She uses a mixture of Perler and Hama beads to achieve all of the tiny details in her bead sculptures. For instance, I have seen quite a few “fairy in a bottle” crafts but none done with fuse beads until now:

Hey! Look at those itty bitty beads!

Hey! Look at those itty bitty beads!

The level of depth and shading is enhanced by the layers she painstakingly assembles by hand. I have to give her a ton of credit for her ironing skills alone! Even her potted plants are raised to epic levels:

All it's missing is a little floating Kirby.

All it’s missing is a little floating Kirby.

If you would like to view more or purchase some of this wonderful art, Pixel Visions can be found on theirĀ website, Facebook, or Patreon.