Art for the tummy

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Happy Wednesday! This is Kim, with Fantastical Menagerie. When I snack, many times I am drawn to unusual flavors, rich, complex taste and something handmade. If I want something sweet, I head straight for Pamplemousse Sucre on Etsy. Based in New York State, Lisa Wolf of Pamplemousse loves to tempt with her confections. From her handmade rich caramels to rock candy geodes, each piece is made by her to very high standards. I usually get sucked in by the cinnamon pear caramels, and her marshamallows. Sinfully rich, and just as delightful to the eye.

Her food art has been featured in multiple magazines, shows and online  I don’t care where it is featured- I just want to eat it!

her rock candy geodes:

Small batch lollipop sampler:

Cherry cocoa nib caramels:

The Vanilla Caramel Marshmallows:

This a sweet treat best opened up when home alone, or you will be sharing with everyone. Order sizes are generous, and she cheerfully gives you little extras and special touches that come with the best of handmade goodies. You can find her here on Etsy

DIY: Seasoned Ornaments

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Good Morning Thursday readers!

I came across something super cool last week when I was looking at what I wanted to write about. It’s simple, and easy, and makes a really nice gift for anyone who loves entertaining or even better, it makes a great host gift alternative to wine. Though… I know many people who love a good bottle of red.

This is probably one of the easiest tutorials I’ve posted, though I was inspired so I wanted to share it. You really only need a few things, and the main one you can find at a craft store. The one important material you will need to search for is food safe ornaments (plastic or glass) that have a removable top. I know that my local craft store sells many ornaments that can be taken apart and filled and are all different sizes. Outside of those, everything else is up to you. I would recommend ribbon to trim, fancy tags to attach to show how to make the dip and what it is, and if you want to be really fancy, run to the dollar store and grab a nice basket/box/tin to package them in.


The only other thing you need is a funnel, and the right ingredients for your mixes – if you are planning on doing more than one batch, I would fill some airtight containers with your dip mixes, and that way you can keep them separate and make enough for each gift. You will need about 6 tablespoons of your home made mix.

So take a look at some of the photos above, check out what’s available at your local craft stores and get creating some beautiful gifts! To get you started, here are some links to recipes that you can use to fill your ornaments with. You can do dips, you can do soup mixes, you can do hot chocolates, dried herbs… really any mix that is non perishable!

Here are some fantastic dip recipes from Naturally Loriel (just scroll down a bit to find them)

Here are some from Sprinkle Some Fun

I hope you enjoy making these. I think that they are such nice gifts, especially because they’re consumable but they look so nice and they’re a little out of the ordinary.

Happy Crafting!

~ Megan

Realistic Food Whittled From Wood

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Japanese artist Seiji Kawasaki creates food sculptures from wood that are so realistic, you’ll think you can actually eat them.

I chose that image specifically because if I picked a finished one, I know it wouldn’t be believed. I mean look at those potato chips!! It’s insane how good these look. Using just a small block of wood, Kawasaki is able to create any edible item in just a few hours. Some of which he then uses as chopstick holders.

He’s exhibited his work in several galleries around Japan, but that can be a costly ticket just to see them up close, so if you’d like to see more of the incredible sculptures he’s done you can take a gander at this Facebook gallery instead. I swear, with like 99% of them, I’d never have known they weren’t food if I just saw them on their own. It’s definitely worth your time.


Coffee Mug Sweaters

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While the weather can’t quite get there on my part of the eastern shore, it is officially fall and hot beverage season. 😀 The only thing I like more then being able to cuddle up at night with a hot drink, is to have an adorable container to drink it out of. It just makes me feel so cozy, and what’s more cozy then a sweater.

Thanks to the folks at MugSweater, you can now bundle up your drink in an adorable sweater that will keep it warmer and your hands from burning off. They make all sorts of lovely designs and are even kind enough to offer their pattern for purchase for those of us that would like to make our own. 🙂 If you can knit or know someone who can, now might be the time to start dropping gift hints.


Whittling Art in Spoons

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UK based artist Giles Newman creates the most wonderfully detailed wooden spoons with centuries old techniques.

Using primarily oak for his starting base, Mr. Newman uses an axe and knife to whittle such beauty and detail into every piece he designs. He gets his wood from sustainable tree branches and coats each finished piece with tung oil; a natural nut based and food safe oil. Meaning these works of art are functional as well as beautiful. Not sure I could bring myself to do it, but they’d certainly make a nice decorative piece in any home or kitchen. You can find them here at his etsy store should you wish to see more. 🙂

Proper Piping Techniques

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Not a subject you might expect to see on a craft blog, but hear me out. A crafy design technique that has been growing in popularity the past few years is decoden phone cases.

No, those aren’t made from standard frosting either, but the techniques used to make the final designs require similar control so I am here to provide such a resource at craftsy.

Their article goes over not only planning and practicing, but also things like the best way to hold the bag while working to make sure you get an even consistancy. It’s a great resource no matter your skill level and a good read even for those of us that aren’t using it for crafts. 😉


Drink your Fandom

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In this post Christmas, pre- New Years period I find myself adrift. With the leftovers of Hurricane Frank hitting Ireland, all I want to do is curl up with a cup of tea and do nothing.

What I didn’t know until recently, is that I can not only be drinking tea, but drinking my favorite fandoms as well. I love it when “normal” things get teamed up with fandoms, and am a prodigious tea-drinker. So I’m quite surprised at having taken this long to find out about Adagio Tea’s Fandom lines.

I adore the idea of tea designed for a favorite character. Your choice of drink can say a lot about you, and to find one designed to evoke the smells and tastes that a character would embody seems genius to me.

Of course, I was naturally drawn to the Agent Carter collection, but they’ve got something for just about every fandom going.

Not convinced? Get yourself a sampler focused around your favorite show.

Happy drinking, all!

~ eliste

The Smell of Christmas

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Every household has its own holiday traditions, but one that seems relatively universal in the Christian world is putting out cookies for Santa. In our house, it got taken one step further.


Rather than just homebaked cookies, my house has always had to provide Santa with a plethora of selection. To that end, we made cookies.

It would begin in early December, with some of the higher-yield recipes. Every few days more would be added. Favorite after favorite, until nearly a dozen different kinds of cookies would be in our house. Far more than we could ever eat, if I’m honest.

Came home the other day and I could smell the cookies that I had cooked the night before still lingering in the air. Freshly baked cookies as you enter the house- that’s the real smell of Christmas to me. Smell is such a powerful memory aid, but we so often forget about it. It is what has finally made me feel like the holidays are here.

What’s the real smell of the holidays for you? The crispness of snow? The woodsy tree of the pine? Whatever it is, here’s wishing everyone all the best.

~ eliste

Black Friday Shopping

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Last Saturday I talked about the retail stores you can get craft supplies for great prices today.  But what about actual crafts?  Some of our favorite Crafters (and members) are having Black Friday sales of their own!  Take a look.

Dryad Tea is having a 15% off sale on all teas!  They also have some special items up just for this weekend including Woodburned boxes, Mugs, Tea infusers, and tea coasters!

12282839_1042932969085422_1134843869_n 12305872_1042932812418771_818049567_n

Wyrmwood Gaming (one of my favorite tabletop suppliers) is having a special lottery for some of their most exotic woods.  For the price of less expensive woods you could receive some of their most exclusive woods instead!

Lastly, Seams Geeky is offering 15% off your order!

However you shop today, make it a crafty day!


Max and Benny’s

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When we were in Chicago for Wizard World Laura and I found this amazing bakery that was set up with some pretty cool looking cookies.

We were instantly drawn to their table.  It looked good enough to eat!  So of course we had to purchase one of their Link shields to try it for ourselves.  Not only was it great to look at, but it tasted wonderful as well.  My next question was “Do you ship?”  They answered Yes!  They don’t just make geeky cookies.  They can make any cookie you would want for yourself or a large gathering with a logo, a character, name, etc.

Take a look at their Website, Facebook, and Twitter for more pictures and information.  For the Holidays you would be the hero of the party if you brought specialty made cookies that fit the theme instead of regular boring cookies.