This is Super Glassy

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As you’ve probably noticed, we’re at C2E2 this weekend and I had a little bit of time to wander around the vendor hall. I stumbled across a sign I couldn’t resist because it advertised CUTE GLASS! I was in for a real treat, too. The two artists at Bling Squared make adorable little animal sculptures in glass.

Look at the little cutie I purchased!

Look at the little cutie I purchased! His name is Louis.

They have quite a few different critters as pendants, earrings, and straight up little sculptures to display around your home.

BlingSqGreenOcto  BlingSqPugEarrings  BlingSqFoxSculptures

I think the best part was the looping video that they had playing showing just how they create their pieces! They do demos in and around their home base of Salt Spring Island, BC.

I'd love to watch them play with fire!

I’d love to watch them play with fire!

If you want a piece of some really cute glass, Bling Squared can be found on their website, Etsy, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

See you next Sunday with some egg-cellent last minute Easter ideas!



Last Minute Madness!

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Hello fair readers.

So there’s a couple days before Halloween and there’s still so much to do. If you haven’t started decorating yet and you want to do up your house for all the guys and ghouls to see, then here is a last minute DIY projects.  This super easy tutorial is really fast and can look so amazing when it’s done! gives us a really simple tutorial for making some awesome mummy hands that you can stick out of your lawn.  The ingredients are so simple it hurts:

You need as many glowsticks for however many hands, and the same for the number of straws.

All you need to do is keep the straw against the inside of your arm and palm. And then you need to wrap your hand in masking tape with the sticky side against your skin. You may want to put some lotion on your hand to make it easier to remove when you’re finished.


Once your hand is all taped up, use the straw as a guide to cut up to the finger. Once you’ve done this, you can just tape the cut shut.  You can keep the straw inside the hand to anchor it to the ground. When you’re ready to go, just crack your glowstick and insert into the casing.

Looks great right? A few of these on your lawn glowing in different colours is a great effect.  You can get even more creative and do the same thing to your foot, and even paint them with blood! You could even use green “painter’s” tape to make a glowing green hand.  If you’re feeling really ambitious, you can open your paint brushes and paint some bones or cracks or other things on them.


Happy crafting!


Timid Monsters

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While I was at Gen Con this year I was excited to see an artist that used sculpy in a way I hadn’t seen before, creating monsters!

little monster

Timid Monsters are small, individually handmade clay sculptures. Most are made in sets of 15—though no molds are used in the making of these series—while others are one of a kind.  Each Timid Monster comes with a bit of nonsense written about it printed on a small card.

mon1 mon2 mon3 mon4

Some of these amazing monsters are one of a kind so they will never be made again!  If you want to see more of these cute timid monsters check out their website here, their Facebook here, their Tumblr here, their Twitter here, and their Instagram here.


International Tabletop Day

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Tomorrow is International Tabletop Day.  What does that mean?  It means people all across the world will be tabletop gaming as well as attending events that celebrate tabletop gaming.  Here in London (Ontario) there is a fantastic event that will be taking place, the London Game Crawl.  I will definitely take part in it and can’t wait.

But what does Tabletop gaming have to do with crafting?  Tons!!  There are so many wonderful crafters that create works of art with their hands just for tabletop gaming (we have even featured a few of them) like Wyrmwood Gaming, Artisan Dice, and Geek Chic.  Wyrmwood Gaming is even giving away a gaming package including a dice vault, personal dice tray, and dice tower on their Facebook page!

But it doesn’t stop there.  You can make your own board games and tabletop games.  Artists Helping children gives us tutorials on how to create your own games for kids including this Magnetic Board game travel set.


Or how about all of the hours tabletop gamers put into their figurines?  You can make your own figurines instead of buying them.  Smooth-On has some great products you can use including Oomoo silicone rubber you can use for your pewter figurines.


Or look at some of their other model making silicone rubbers and liquid plastics to create your own figures.

However you celebrate International Tabletop day, make it a crafty day!




Bringing Your Jump Scares to Life

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Like many of my fellow crafters, I no longer have as much time to play video games as I would like, so I’ve started watching ‘Let’s Play’ style videos instead. As one of many siblings in my family, I didn’t always get to play a lot when I was young and I learned how to enjoy watching games as well. There are also games that I won’t play (mainly horror) because I can’t stand jump scares/zombies. Well one of the games I’ve enjoyed listen/watching was the runaway trilogy, Five Nights At Freddie’s. It’s a spoof of the Chuck E’ Cheese franchise and you play as the security guard that must survive the night while the animatronics try and kill you. One fan just couldn’t seem to get enough from the game however and has built his own Freddie Fazbear animatronic.

The builder’s name on youtube is Dr.CreepyPasta, and while I would not be able to sleep with something like this in my house, I have to admit the construction of one’s own personal animatronic is very impressive!  There are several videos of his progress here on his channel, but if you just want a glimpse then check out the video below. He apparently followed a step by step walk though on the process, so any out there looking to follow in his footsteps then I wish you all the luck!


Artist Alley: Kimchi Kawaii

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Every now and then I run across a form of crafting that I haven’t seen before.  Turning your boring old phone case into an exciting creative one is something I haven’t seen before.  I was really interested when I saw what Holly could create.


She also makes some fantastic rings and cake boxes.


If you would like to check out her fantastic hand made items, look at the Frosted Fleur de Lis Accessories on her website.  If you want to see her other products or talent check out her Deviant Art page and her Pintrest.


Oh my cuteness!

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As I was wandering around the interwebs searching for Valentine’s stuff, I inevitability came across zombie Valentine’s themed items because who doesn’t want to combine Valentine’s Day with zombies?  Being relatively anti-Valentine’s Day myself, I’m all for it!  Well, this led me to THE most adorable etsy shop, Little Lazies!  Leah, from Little Lazies, makes incredibly cute polymer clay monsters.  I have to tell you, I’m in love!

We’ll start with the Anti-Valentine’s Day Monster!  Aren’t they just perfect representations of “ugh Valentine’s”?

How about some Steampunk awesomeness?


Or when your friend isn’t feeling all that great and you want to give them a little something to pick them up?  This Ouchie Little Lazy would make for the best gift!


Beware of these last little guys…they’re Brutal and apparently they do bite!  But oh dear, they are still too cute for words!


The amount of detail that goes into these Little Lazies are incredible and I love them to bits!  Which one do you want to start your collection with?  You can even buy a random pack of 3 for an awesome surprise!  There are plenty more on the Little Lazies etsy store!  You can also check out the Little Lazies Facebook page or Twitter!

– Lindsay

Modeling Models

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*Throws Confetti* Wee! It’s my birthday! 😀 To celebrate this non milestone event, I’ve decided to showcase an artist from my ancestor’s country. Italy! 😀

Yup. It’s the big boot.

All silliness aside, Diazzina came to my attention recently with her gorgeous Vivi (from FF9) statue.

Such pretty detail…..*hugs screen* I loves it.

When I went to check out her gallery to see what other lovely sculptures she may have done however, I discovered that she wasn’t a sculptor so much as she was a model maker. Spoilers. They’re just as beautiful.

This is one of the most recent images of a Farm model that she’s working on and….man it’s pretty. I love her attention to detail with the little bits of messy cement on the bricks almost as much as learning that she uses some sort of cardboard box there to help support her models. Now sadly, she doesn’t seem to put up detailed descriptions on how she’s making these beautiful designs, but the images really speak for themselves anyway so I can’t say that I mind. 🙂 Her gallery is full of work like this and I highly recommend checking it out.


Convention Feature: Fizzman Industries

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For the month of February I am going to feature crafters I met at Magfest.  I am not just going to feature them, but I also interviewed them for you as well.  First up is Fizzman Industries.  I met Ben a few years ago and he has become one of my favorite people to run into at conventions.  His sculptures get better and better every year I see them.

Some things about the video before you watch it.  They were having a Mega Man Marathon the entire Magfest in the room beside us.  This was the last video I did at Magfest and they were a little excited after having no sleep for three days.  All of the muffled microphone you hear in the background is them.  Second, the drawing they did for the chess set is awesome and is included in the video.  Please don’t skip over it.  Third, Ben is a fun guy.

The video can be found on You Tube here if you would like to comment on it.

Here is a close up of those sculptures we talked about.


Yes, they are even more amazing in person.  If you want to check out his stuff his website can be found here, his Facebook here, and his Twitter here.

Don’t forget to follow us on You Tube to get all of our videos as they are uploaded.



Artist Alley: LolitaPop

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If you are an Artist or Crafter and like to showcase your work at Artist Alleys and aren’t a member of the group Artist Alley Network International, then you have to get right over there and check them out!  It is a fantastic group of people that embrace the philosophy of Craft Hackers by helping each other in every aspect of being an artist.  I want to share with you some of the really great artists there so am starting a new feature, Artist Alley.  These artists have a great on line presence and fantastic products that may interest craft lovers.  These aren’t Craft Hacker members (unless you see them listed under the member page) so their work isn’t guaranteed by Craft Hackers, but it is work that I think is fantastic personally.

The first feature is about Lolita Pop.  From their Facebook page: “We specialize in handmade Lolita jewelry and accessories. Our products are hand-crafted with quality material, featuring unique and stylish designs! Our cute Lolita accessories are just the thing to accentuate your wardrobe!”  Check out some of the amazing things I found on their sites (you know I am a sucker for miniatures).


But they don’t just make miniatures.  Like their description says Lolita Pop makes amazing accessories of all kinds.



If you want to check out more of their work you can find their Facebook here, their Etsy here, their Twitter here, and their tumblr here.