Adorable Mini Plush Animals

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I know I’m biased since I make small cute things myself, but I just love adorable animal plushies. Extra points if they have a cat one cause, much like most of the internet, I’m a sucker for adorable cats.

Maine based artist Floydine makes these one of a kind felt animals and they are just so cute. Not only are they tiny and hand sewn, but the little detail embellishments really make the piece, imho. After the cats, some of my favorite ones are the horses.

I love how they’re the realistic horse with the My Little Pony style imagery on the backside. Their use of imagery on the plushies doesn’t end there though. You’ll also find ones with little embroidered scenes on their sides instead.

There’s not much in their etsy shop at the moment, but if you also like adorable animals, this is certainly a shop to check out and bookmark for the future. ūüôā

Birds of a Felted Feather

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Perhaps it’s my bias towards sewing skills, but felt and embroidery projects always catch my eye. It’s like my brain is playing a Where’s Waldo type game but with fabric and thread without telling me. ūüėõ It’s no wonder I easily came across these awesome felt sculptures as a result.

Jill Ffrench, is the owner and artisan of Fantails and Feet, a custom felt sculpture artist that makes beautifully expressive birds out of felt, thread, wire and wax. While you can see she has a passion for peacocks, her entire collection of birds is simply lovely.

I especially love the extra detailing the feathers get to selectively make them pop, but they’re all wonderful. If you’re a bird lover, or know someone who is, I definitely recommend giving this shop of fine feathered friends a look over.

Beaded Dragon Brooches

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Okay, I know we’ve all dabbled in beads for bracelets and necklaces at one point. Maybe you used seed beads and a stand to weave one just made some nice jewelry, but these? These dragons are something else entirely.

This is one of many custom designs by Russian artist Alyona Lytvin, and they are all just jaw dropping amazing. They are made mostly from beads and thread, with some wire and paint reinforcements for the fins.

I know they’re brooches too, but man I’d just want to keep it as a decoration piece! No way I’d risk something happening to this!! I love the addition of the sequins as scales for the sea dragons. Man they’re just all so beautiful!

I wish I could give you more info about the artist and the process but little it up in English about it on the store front, so I’m afraid we all just have to admire the shop and wonder. Perhaps even buy one yourself so you can study it up close. ūüôā

Uniquely Cute

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Hello Sunday readers!

Last week we were at MAGfest and you know what that means! New vendors that we’ve fallen in love with gushy posts are imminent! This first one has so much to offer, I almost don’t know where to start. ALMOST. In¬†our wanderings through the crafty rows, the lifemate and I stumbled across a booth that had chubby little ornaments hanging from a dowel and I HAD to pop in for a¬†better look. They were animal ornaments! Hooray! To my very great pleasure, upon closer perusal, I found that there were some very odd animals on display:

WailesTapir WailesPangolin WailesCoelacanth

Do not adjust your screens, folks, those are indeed a baby tapir, a pangolin, and a COELACANTH. A COELACANTH, PEOPLE!!!!! Ok, I know I’ve obsessed over cute animals before but I don’t know if I’ve ever mentioned that my actual degree is in Geological Sciences so this sort of thing just runs right up my alley, squeezes my tush, and tugs my heart strings before dashing off again. Much to my dismay, we had such a busy time that I did not have a chance to go back to purchase some amazing creations from artist Kelsey Wailes, also known as eattoast. I assure you that this shall be remedied in short order. I was so distracted by the “cnute aminals” that it took husband directing my attention to her other wares for me to find her re-purposed ponies. I’ve seen other versions of ponies over the years but not always with the same level of detail:

I mean, just look a My Little Immortan Joe! With his wittle face mask and wittle killer eyes!

I mean, just look a My Little Immortan Joe, with his wittle face mask and wittle killer eyes!

Once I tore myself away from the cutie cute animals and the ponies, I noticed the things I truly regret not purchasing as gifts for certain Trek fans in my life:

Redshirt Deadshirts. Yes, a little pile of very unfortunate redshirts that still makes me giggle uncontrollably.

Redshirt Deadshirts. Yes, a little pile of very unfortunate redshirts that still makes me giggle uncontrollably.

Besides her very obvious talent with clay, Kelsey is a very gifted pen and paper artist as well. If you, too, would like to own some of her creations or just squee over her works (like I just did for the last hour), she can be found on DeviantArt, Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, and most importantly, Etsy. Now if you will excuse me, I need to go put in an order for a Peacock Spider ornament that will really tie my room together.

Stay crafty!




A new year brings change

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Hello to all of you! I’m Kim from Fantastical Menagerie. Toni from Quiltoni asked me if I would be interested in contributing to the blog spot here on Crafthackers, and I was delighted.

I have been running my own art business for twelve years, and full time since 2011. I work mostly in polymer clay, and some mixed media. I tend to work with sculpting animals into wearable art. Besides doing a number of ComicCons and Art Shows each year, you can find my things on Facebook at or on Etsy at

I am hoping to have some tutorials over the next few months, along with ideas to inspire you to create! If you would like to see one I posted here in September, here is the link. It’s on clay pumpkin earrings.

DIY: Pumpkin Earrings and Pendant

We have a new year in front of us, and so many things to try.


Baby Dragon Jewelry

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Like dragons? Of course you do. Dragons are one of the oldest fantasy myths around the world and come in just about any style/design you can think of. Ever wanted jewelry that look like you own a baby dragon pet?

Okay, they may not all be babies, but I know if I ever have one I would certainly be calling it my baby dragon. These adorable handmade dragons are made by Canadian Etsy artist, Aelia Petro. Her shop, ArtbyAelia, has been around for 5 years now and she’s amassed quite an adorable dragon jewelry collection for your viewing and shopping needs. Besides the adorable ‘Dragon Drapers’ that are sort of half necklaces, she also makes traditional pendant necklaces, wrap bracelets, wrap rings, and even just adorable tiny sculptures.

If you love fantasy creatures you are missing out if you haven’t seen her work. Even if you don’t like etsy shops, you can follow her work on facebook instead. ^_^ You won’t regret it.



This is Super Glassy

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As you’ve probably noticed, we’re at C2E2 this weekend and I had a little bit of time to wander around the vendor hall. I stumbled across a sign I couldn’t resist because it advertised CUTE GLASS! I was in for a real treat, too. The two artists at Bling Squared make adorable little animal sculptures in glass.

Look at the little cutie I purchased!

Look at the little cutie I purchased! His name is Louis.

They have quite a few different critters as pendants, earrings, and straight up little sculptures to display around your home.

BlingSqGreenOcto  BlingSqPugEarrings  BlingSqFoxSculptures

I think the best part was the looping video that they had playing showing just how they create their pieces! They do demos in and around their home base of Salt Spring Island, BC.

I'd love to watch them play with fire!

I’d love to watch them play with fire!

If you want a piece of some really cute glass, Bling Squared can be found on their website, Etsy, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

See you next Sunday with some egg-cellent last minute Easter ideas!



Last Minute Madness!

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Hello fair readers.

So there’s a couple days before Halloween and there’s still so much to do. If you haven’t started decorating yet and you want to do up your house for all the guys and ghouls to see, then here is a last minute DIY projects. ¬†This super easy tutorial is really fast and can look so amazing when it’s done! gives us a really simple tutorial for making some awesome mummy hands that you can stick out of your lawn.  The ingredients are so simple it hurts:

You need as many glowsticks for however many hands, and the same for the number of straws.

All you need to do is keep the straw against the inside of your arm and palm. And then you need to wrap your hand in masking tape with the sticky side against your skin. You may want to put some lotion on your hand to make it easier to remove when you’re finished.


Once your hand is all taped up, use the straw as a guide to cut up to the finger. Once you’ve done this, you can just tape the cut shut. ¬†You can keep the straw inside the hand to anchor it to the ground. When you’re ready to go, just crack your glowstick and insert into the casing.

Looks great right? A few of these on your lawn glowing in different colours is a great effect. ¬†You can get even more creative and do the same thing to your foot, and even paint them with blood! You could even use green “painter’s” tape to make a glowing green hand. ¬†If you’re feeling really ambitious, you can open your paint brushes and paint some bones or cracks or other things on them.


Happy crafting!


Timid Monsters

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While I was at Gen Con this year I was excited to see an artist that used sculpy in a way I hadn’t seen before, creating monsters!

little monster

Timid Monsters are small, individually handmade clay sculptures. Most are made in sets of 15‚ÄĒthough no molds are used in the making of these series‚ÄĒwhile others are one of a kind. ¬†Each Timid Monster comes with a bit of nonsense written about it printed on a small card.

mon1 mon2 mon3 mon4

Some of these amazing monsters are one of a kind so they will never be made again!  If you want to see more of these cute timid monsters check out their website here, their Facebook here, their Tumblr here, their Twitter here, and their Instagram here.


International Tabletop Day

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Tomorrow is International Tabletop Day. ¬†What does that mean? ¬†It means people all across the world will be tabletop gaming as well as attending events that celebrate tabletop gaming. ¬†Here in London (Ontario) there is a fantastic event that will be taking place, the London Game Crawl. ¬†I will definitely take part in it and can’t wait.

But what does Tabletop gaming have to do with crafting?  Tons!!  There are so many wonderful crafters that create works of art with their hands just for tabletop gaming (we have even featured a few of them) like Wyrmwood Gaming, Artisan Dice, and Geek Chic.  Wyrmwood Gaming is even giving away a gaming package including a dice vault, personal dice tray, and dice tower on their Facebook page!

But it doesn’t stop there. ¬†You can make your own board games and tabletop games. ¬†Artists Helping children gives us tutorials on how to create your own games for kids including this Magnetic Board game travel set.


Or how about all of the hours tabletop gamers put into their figurines?  You can make your own figurines instead of buying them.  Smooth-On has some great products you can use including Oomoo silicone rubber you can use for your pewter figurines.


Or look at some of their other model making silicone rubbers and liquid plastics to create your own figures.

However you celebrate International Tabletop day, make it a crafty day!