A Bit of the Bun

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Happy Sunday, all!

I promised bunnies, so it’s time to make good! Since I’ve been trying to expand my sewing experience lately, most of these DIYs are needle and thread type things. The first of which is a super cute set of bunny hot pads from So Sew Easy:

What could they be taking out of the oven? Could it be carrot cake???

We get to play with InsulBrite AND apply some applique techniques? Awesome! We’ve already got the sewing machine out, so how about some super adorbs carrot treat bags for the little bunnies in the family from Make It Love It:

Perfect for jelly beans or my personal favorite, peanut butter/chocolate eggs.

I was always obsessed by small drawstring bags to carry around my “treasures” when I was a kid, so these seem like just the thing. Ok, so how about a little hand sewing? I do, seriously, mean a little – this darling small felted bunny from Lia Griffith made me squee:

With his tiny toe beans and bitty carrot, just too sweet!

That little guy would be so charming topping off a basket or just hanging around a Spring bouquet, wouldn’t he? Still in the mood for cute and small? Great! Because I found this delightful little tutorial on how to make a fluffy little bunny pom pom on the Pom Maker blog:

They’re so fluffy!

I really can’t get over how boop-able those noses are! Ok, ok, back to the list. The last thing today is super easy and doesn’t take any specialty materials to craft so you probably have all the things already to make these origami bunny bookmarks from Red Ted Art:

Great for holding your place when re-reading Peter Cottontail or any other bunny faves!

I’m quite certain the pattern can be adapted to other woodland critters. There you have it – quite a bit of buns to go around! Spring is just around the corner, I can feel it!

Stay crafty!


Felted Decor and Ornaments

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The Holidays are always the time to show off your best crafting skills. The one time of the year you can fill the house with what you love and no one will bat an eye; they’ll simply call you festive. 😉 I’ve got 2 artists today that both specialize in wonderfully detailed hand felted items that work great on a tree or even around your home!

Miri of Noristudio specializes in making adorable woodland creature who often have an adorable acorn beret on their head. I personally loved this little hedgehog, but you can find a whole collection of them in her shop, including a set of ornaments to hang up in your home! Another thing I love is that they’re interested in bringing new people to the medium with their DIY kits for beginners. Something that could make an excellent gift for the crafter in your life that’s seeking a new and challenging medium to tackle. 🙂

The second artist is just as exciting with their dedication to realism in their pieces. I mean, if I didn’t know better, I’d swear some of these pieces were real.

Made by Natalja of TaFiOLand, these pieces are really quite wonderful. They are a German based artist of quite some talent, imho, and I just find their precision with the medium to be considerably well honed. Several of their pieces can be used as table decoration or hanging on your tree, but there are even a few pieces that can be used for lighting fixtures around the home. Really just lovely work that I highly recommend checking out. 🙂

DIY Travel Checkers

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Good morning, Friday Crafthackers!

We are in the middle of road trip season,  and you know what that means? It means keeping people entertained. In a car. For hours on end. So I bring for you a beautiful little diy that can be brought with you anywhere! You can find the full tutorial here for how to make a travel checkers kit.

You’ll need some supplies: Felt – two colours, 1 piece each at 8″x 8″ for the board. Two colours, one piece each for the tokens at 4″ x 5″. You’ll need one colour of  8.5″ x 8.5″ for the board, and one more colour, two pieces of 9″ x 11″ for the bag, if you’d like to make one. Cotton:  1 piece of 10″ x 23″, to line the bag so it can slip easily in and out. You’ll also need thread, a hot glue gun and glue (optional), buttons (12 of each of two different colours), 2 one yard measured drawstrings that can be made from whatever you like. 2 Pony beads.

To make your checkerboard, cut 8 strips of each colour for your board at 1″ wide and 8″ long. Cut the background piece of felt to 8.5″ x 8.5″. On a flat surface, lay background piece flat and weave the strips together to form the board on top of the background. This can be done by weaving over and under, and centre the board on the background piece so that you have a background border of about half an inch.

Stich the pieces down with a wide zigzag strip, going around the pieces that have been woven to make the board. Make sure to test each strip when you’re done to make sure they won’t pull up, especially ones hidden by the edge strips. Give the edges a second go over if you’re finding anything pulling.

For your tokens, use a quarter or another 1″ circle and trace 12 circles on each of the two different colours of felt you chose for your pieces. Cut the circles just on the inside of your traced lines so you don’t see the ink. Attach your buttons to the circles either sewing by hand or using hot glue. The felt tokens will cling to the board and when they are kinged, you can flip them over and put the two felt sides together and they should cling there as well.

You can follow the directions on the page for a drawstring bag, and there are directions here for a fabric bag. You might also just want to stick this in a little ziplock bag, and be done with it, if you’re anything like me.

Another interesting take on something like this would be to print symbols for chess, and glue them to round buttons (instead of anything else) on the pieces. You could even make two sets of tokens, one for chess, one for checkers.

Happy crafting!



Hand Felted Stone Rugs

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We’re bringing the outdoors indoors today with some really awesome looking handmade rugs. 😀

Crafted and sold by Etsy shop flussdesign, these rock rugs start at around $160, but the one pictured above costs $940. They come in all sorts of colors options too. So, yeah, if you’re low on cash now might be a good time to learn how to make felt stones, lol. I’ve never hand felted before, but I do know it’s very time consuming work so you’d better be prepared for that.

Maria Schuhman is the artisan behind these beauties and she also makes matching pillows, baskets, and loose decoration rocks! Her work is really well done, and i could see this rug working well with a crochet grass style rug to really bring your outdoor love into the clean dirt free space of your home. All of her felt stones are super soft and made from 100% wool so do be aware of any allergies you may have before falling in love. 😉

Adorable Mini Plush Animals

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I know I’m biased since I make small cute things myself, but I just love adorable animal plushies. Extra points if they have a cat one cause, much like most of the internet, I’m a sucker for adorable cats.

Maine based artist Floydine makes these one of a kind felt animals and they are just so cute. Not only are they tiny and hand sewn, but the little detail embellishments really make the piece, imho. After the cats, some of my favorite ones are the horses.

I love how they’re the realistic horse with the My Little Pony style imagery on the backside. Their use of imagery on the plushies doesn’t end there though. You’ll also find ones with little embroidered scenes on their sides instead.

There’s not much in their etsy shop at the moment, but if you also like adorable animals, this is certainly a shop to check out and bookmark for the future. 🙂

Custom Felt Witch Hats

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I know it’s not the ~typical~ season for it, but too bad cause these things look awesome!

This is just one example of a custom designed felted witch hat made by etsy shop owner HandiCraftKate. You can customize each of the main 3 parts (brim, colors, and end curl direction) to suit your needs. Wanna be a rainbow witch? Done. How about a frosty Ice Witch? Done. Or perhaps you’re less witch and more Pixie or Druid? She even makes custom woodland inspired things like these lovely fox and deer hoods.

All her hats are handblocked from 100% wool, and will keep you warm and looking cool come this fall. Her items are on the higher scale ($200+) for cost, but you’re getting a wonderful and unique piece that will certainly last. I highly recommend giving her shop a look through.

Save the Date!

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Good morning, crafters!

So, going along with the wedding theme, Saturday readers, I have a DIY super cute save the date tokens that are a little different from a card or a printed photo of the couple. They’re super easy to make and are really quite sweet. They’re also useful, which I find super attractive in things like this as there’s nothing I dislike more than superfluous things that no one feels really comfortable throwing away and they don’t know what to do with it afterwards. So I bring you this sweet little tutorial from Project Wedding that you can make and also alter and decorate to suit your tastes.

Your materials are super easy. You’ll need felt (in whatever colour you’re using for your wedding or in red/pink/whatever colour you want to use), ribbon, a custom stamp and stamp pad (for the date or for any other design you may want to stamp), small adhesive magnets, embroidery thread with a needle, and scissors. You should be able to find all of these at your local craft store. And for quality reasons, you may want to stay away from the dollar store. These save the date magnets will look hand made, but you don’t want them to look cheap.

Your first step is to cut out your hearts, however many you need, in pairs so that you have two that fit together. They do not need to be perfect, and in fact, if they are imperfect, they’ll look a little more unique, so that’s good!

Your next step is to cut a piece of coordinating ribbon and stamp the date of your wedding on it. You may want to purchase some fray stop from a fabric store for the edges of the ribbon to keep it from fraying.

Arrange your magnet and ribbon on the heart. If you managed to find adhesive magnets, I’d recommend sticking it to the felt, and sliding a small part of the ribbon underneath so that it will be held a little more securely in place.

line up your second heart overtop of the first one. You can pin it while you stitch it to make the felt easier to sew, if that’s your game. But it isn’t necessary. Stitch around your heart, making sure to sew the ribbon so that it doesn’t move. How you stitch is up to you, but hand stitching looks so sweet with these little favours.

And voila! You’re done! Keep in mind you can use any fabrics, any colour of ribbon and make them any size you like. You can get as fancy as you would like, getting into hand painting or stamping on the felt itself. I love these little magnets and I think they’re so sweet!

Happy crafting!


A Tip of the Hat

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We’ve had a lovely few days here in the Midwest and everyone seems to be out and about. The perfect time to show off…a new hat! I’ve come across Wendy Allen and her felted creations at a few conventions now. They never fail to pull me in. A dragon is what caught my attention the first time:

Imagine, wearing your very own Smaug!

Imagine, wearing your very own Smaug! (Yes, I realize this is not a hat)

She started out selling “normal” pieces through her site, Miss Fitt and Co but then decided to indulge her fanciful side and Moss Fete was born. Wendy makes a variety of wearables but the hats are the decided stars. Whether you want to augment your cosplay or just show off on your walk around the park on a Sunday, she’s got something for you!

MossFeteWitchHat  MossFeteSnailHat

Perhaps something for the dapper gentleman on your arm (or yourself)? I love the detail and texture!

MossFeteRamTopHat  MossFeteHareTopHat

I would proudly wear any of these on a regular basis. If you, too, would like to own a piece of the magic, Wendy and Moss Fete can be found on her website, Etsy, Facebook, and Instagram.

Now back to basking in the sun while it lasts!

Stay crafty!


It Must Be Felt

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We are into the full Spring of things here at Craft Hackers and I am no exception. I’ve professed my eternal love for plush before but in the last few years or so have noticed a new-ish trend that simply delights me: needle felting. The soft little fuzzies can be so precise in their details yet remain cute and squishy. I’ve been very impressed with several artists I’ve stumbled across at conventions and those that have come across my Etsy feed, especially their Spring inspired collections.

Look at how adorable this little one is!

Look at how quackingly adorable this little one is!

They are whimsical, they are hyper-realistic, they are geeky, they are large and they are small. Each artist infuses their creations with their own flair and it makes the art form quite diverse.

Every bunny needs one of these.

Every bunny needs one of these.

I especially like when I find some intricate designs that just pop against their base color in a plush I wouldn’t mind hiding around the house every year (except that the cats would probably also have fun with it, much to the poor thing’s detriment).

These are so eggs-ellent.

These are so eggs-ellent.

If you are curious about this art form and wonder how to get started, never fear, Etsy is here! There are actually several shops I’ve found with starter kits with several lovely color packs to choose from.

Enough to start your own heart-felt creations.

Enough to start your own heart-felt creations.

If you feel inspired to try your hand at needle felting, please show us your work in the Craft Hackers forums! I’d love to see it!

As today is a typical rainy Spring day, next week we’ll cover some rainy day activities!

Stay crafty!





Feltastic Halloween DIY

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I have a long standing love for adorable felties and stuffies. It’s only recently that I’ve started attempting to make my own. In the spirit of the season, this Sunday I bring you some DIY felt projects to start your own little army of super cute critters.

First up is a set of four traditional Halloween symbols with a great set of instructions with templates from Made to Sew. They also have some very well done tutorials on different stitches if you need a refresher before starting.

Look at how neat those stitches are!

Look at how neat those stitches are!

Next up is a really cool tutorial and pattern for those of you who (like me) enjoy making slightly odd but cute things: eyeball softies from Much XOXO.

I see what you did there...

I see what you did there…

Finally, a really beautiful tutorial from Adventures in Making for your very own sugar skull felt sachets.This is a really fantastic idea if you would like to fill them with some fall scented spices for some extra flair!

There are so many possibilities.

There are so many possibilities.


Whichever ones you choose to make, have fun and stay crafty!