Custom Pokedex Case for Pokemon GO players

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Yeah. I’m still in its grasp, and if you’re a Pokemon fan I imagine you are too. Like me you’ve also likely noticed the drain it can bring to your phone’s battery. Well, one pokefan has come up with a design that with a bit of electrical work and access to a 3D printer.

That’s right, it’s a custom case with built in charger that looks like the original pokedex. ­čśÇ Designed by Spark Fun user npoole this case is pretty simple and super sharp to carry around. They have a nice set of instructions so you can make it yourself (with estimated cost around $40) though it is sadly only available for the Samsung Galaxy S4 and iPhone 6. If you are decent at computer modeling, or know someone who is, you may be able to tweak the design and make one to fit your phone as well. Now if only the servers would stay reliable….


A modern upgrade for your old school keyboard

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While not the most practical thing to type on any more, classic typewriter definitly had a certain style and visual appeal that you just don’t get with today’s slimmer and minimalistic design. Don’t let that beauty rot though, cause┬áJack Zylkin of usbtyperwriter has got you covered.


As this awesome picture shows, for only $99, they will send you a DIY kit for you to turn that dusty old attic typewritter into a beautiful usb port accessory! For your own personal use, or maybe as a gift for that hipster friend of yours. An awesome DIY and talking piece reguardless. ^_^