A Beautiful Light in the Darkness

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Happy Sunday, all!

I know I promised a tutorial this week but that is going to have to wait! I have found a new artist that I must bring immediately to your attention! This passed week I was introduced to Brittany Cox AKA Britt the Badger and I am simply blown away by her creations. Brittany makes paper cut “dreamboxes” out of what appears to be magic and rainbows.

It feels like you just walked into this secret fairy hidey hole.

Seriously, though, her very intricate scenes come to life through custom LED light setups hidden behind layers and layers of laser cut paper in surprisingly small (for all the detail she achieves) shadow boxes.

Just look at the depth (pun intended)!

The part I am especially in awe of is her artistic vision when it comes to those layers. These pieces are not just beautiful in the dark.


She draws and plots out each of the images and then figures out how many layers and what goes in each one plus the lighting effects (which she also wires herself). She also does original paintings and drawings of equal beauty.

The watercolors here just make the cuts pop so well.

So if you would like one of these absolutely gorgeous pieces for yourself (or commission a custom piece), Britt can be found on her website, Etsy, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. If you would like to watch one of these emerge step by step, you can follow her on Twitch under brittthebadger.

Next week, I will attempt the tutorial, I promise!

Stay crafty!



Modeling Models

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*Throws Confetti* Wee! It’s my birthday! 😀 To celebrate this non milestone event, I’ve decided to showcase an artist from my ancestor’s country. Italy! 😀

Yup. It’s the big boot.

All silliness aside, Diazzina came to my attention recently with her gorgeous Vivi (from FF9) statue.

Such pretty detail…..*hugs screen* I loves it.

When I went to check out her gallery to see what other lovely sculptures she may have done however, I discovered that she wasn’t a sculptor so much as she was a model maker. Spoilers. They’re just as beautiful.

This is one of the most recent images of a Farm model that she’s working on and….man it’s pretty. I love her attention to detail with the little bits of messy cement on the bricks almost as much as learning that she uses some sort of cardboard box there to help support her models. Now sadly, she doesn’t seem to put up detailed descriptions on how she’s making these beautiful designs, but the images really speak for themselves anyway so I can’t say that I mind. 🙂 Her gallery is full of work like this and I highly recommend checking it out.


Not Your Typical Dollhouse

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Some of you may have already seen this but it just came across my dash this week and……wow.

Bag End Recreation by Madshobbithole

This is a crazy accurately detailed model house of Bag End, the home of Bilbo and Frodo Baggins from the famous Lord of the Rings movie series. The majority of this model is all hand made recreation with custom pieces being made for the flowers and even some of the knickknacks inside.

I won’t go into all the little details that went into this build of fandom love (see her blog post about it here), but I’m amazed that even with a full family schedule (kids, dogs, meals, work) she still managed to make this masterpiece in ONLY 2-3 months. Simply, amazing. If you’d like to see more pictures (including detailed interior shots) be sure to check out her detailed post on how she created this work of art. You won’t be disappointed. 🙂


Redefining Pocket Monster

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I’m probably showing my age here, but does anyone remember when you had to make those little scenes in a shoebox back in elementary school? Is that just a US school system thing? I think they were called dioramas, and I distinctly remember making a sub-par one in place of a book report. Bon-AppetEats’s creations certainly make it look so now at any rate. This lady makes absolutely beautiful and creative fake ecosystems for Pokemon out of sculpy and resin, but get this. They are all inside of Altoids Tins!

Pokemon Altoids Tins by Bon-AppetEats

She also mixes real elements in with her little pocket monsters, but I just love the creativity behind this kind of project. She even has tutorials on how get started with sculpy so you can make your creations! Oh man, now I have desires to make Doctor Who ones but I only eat those tiny Altoid Mints and they come in an even smaller tin… D: