Stitch A Long: Happily Ever After

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After I featured a quilt block of the month yesterday I was asked “but what about us cross stitchers?”  I have your 2017 stitch a long!

Presented by the Frosted Pumpkin Stitchery, Happily Ever After is a “once a month mystery SAL featuring a beautiful floral border, an elegant script title and scenes from our favorite stories in classical literature and poetry. You’ll be stitching up timeless classics like, Heidi, The Owl and the Pussycat, Pride & Prejudice and more!”

From their site:

Stitching begins on January 15th at noon Pacific time with the first chart containing the borders, title and first story. February 1st at noon Pacific time and each consecutive month thereafter, you’ll receive an email containing a new chart of a story! Each chart is stitched on the same piece of fabric and at the end of the year, you’ll have a beautiful finished heirloom project. This is a big, details project but there is never any pressure to finish each month before starting the next, please stitch at your own pace and enjoy the process!

With this purchase you will automatically receive the supply list, up to date charts and how to download the monthly clues. $18.95 is a ONE time fee for the entire year’s patterns. This pattern also includes a printable thread minder! This minder will help keep your floss for this projects neat and organized all year long!

For more information about the Stitch a Long, visit The Frosted Pumpkin Society here.


My Favorite Princess Crafts

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Yesterday I talked about how Carrie Fisher, Star Wars, and Star Trek have had a huge impact on my life.  I shared some crafts you create yourself with Princess Leia as the center.  Today I am going to share some of my favorite Princess Leia art I have seen over the years.

My favorite art I have seen is a set of two quilts by Cheryl Sleboda.  She captured everything I love about Princess Leia.

Wee Little Sitches (my FAVORITE Cross Stitch pattern maker) created some amazing Leia patterns/prints through the years.

Finally Cosplayer Elizabeth Rage created this gorgeous dress.  This is how I see and remember Leia.


You will live forever in my heart Carrie.



My Princess

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I was born in 1976, 1 year before Star Wars and 3 years before the Star Trek movies.  I looked up to the people in both lines and idolized them.  My parents would make sure that we saw every Star Trek and Star Wars movie in the theater when it was released (yes, even when I was very little and didn’t understand what was going on).  I loved both Star Trek and Star Wars.  I remember when I was 6 I saw that Larva crawl out of Chekov’s ear and I had nightmares for weeks.  But I loved every minute of it.

I grew up learning it didn’t matter what race you were, everyone had strengths and weaknesses and you should only be judged on your actions.  I learned that women can be strong, carry a blaster, overthrow a government, and help destroy a death star.  I dedicate today and tomorrow to my princess, Carrie Fisher.

Crafting and creating can be therapeutic for a lot of people including me.  So today’s post will be about the things you can create.

FreudianStitch created this cool Cross Stitch pattern you can download for free!

If you Crochet, here is a Princess Leia Amigurumi Pattern.

If you are a quilter and can paper piece, here is a free design from Quiet Play.

Finally, if you sew or are a cosplayer, here is a step by step tutorial from Costumes and Artwork.

Tomorrow I will share some of my favorite artistic projects I have seen over the years.



A Pumpkin a Day

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Hello Sunday readers!

I know I promised a wreath this week but unfortunately I find myself struck down by a terrible cold. So the wreath will have to happen next month but I still wanted to keep with the theme. Tomorrow is Halloween! What small crafts could I do while still resting in bed? Definitely not anything with glue or paint so I suppose we are back to our fiber crafts. I’m really feeling like pumpkins today so I went looking for some free patterns.

I’ve always fallen back on small cross stitch projects since my Mom taught me how to stitch so many years ago. This one is super cute and could still be completed before tomorrow:

It's positively boo-tiful.

It’s positively boo-tiful.

My newer go-to is definitely crochet as my skills continue to improve with every project I try. So how about some cute pumpkin coasters for the mugs of tea I’m dosing myself with:

Definitely an effective place to squash a mug onto.

Definitely an effective place to squash a mug onto.

Or perhaps I could learn something new and try out some knitting. Especially because this pumpkin tea cozy would be very useful for those gallons of tea:

A perfect warmer for those cold days.

A perfect warmer for those cold days.

While I attempt to recover, everyone else have a safe and happy Halloween!

Stay crafty!



Cross Stitch Quilts

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I have been a huge fan of Eleanor Burns and her Quilt in a Day series since I started quilting seven years ago.  I didn’t realize until yesterday that she had a book about converting cross stitch patterns into quilts!  It is a different method than the one I use for my quilts, but very cool and interesting.  The method uses gridded fusible interfacing using 1 1/2 inch blocks.

Here is the Quilt in a Day episode talking about the Cross Stitch Quilts.

You can buy the Quilt in a Day series book through her site as well as a step by step DVD to walk you through the method.

stitch1 stitch2

Happy Quilting!


Final Fantasy Crafts

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Let me take a moment to introduce myself! I’m Sherona, better known in the crafting world as blackmageheart. I’m a cross stitcher first and foremost, but I dabble in other arts and crafts occasionally!
Today I’m your guest blogger, and I’d like to share with you all a few of the wonderful and awesome Final Fantasy crafts I’ve seen on my online (and offline!) travels.

For those of you who may not know, Final Fantasy is a long-running video game series, with the eponymous first entry waaaay back in 1987. The series has come a long way since then, but with each new entry and story comes amazing new art and visuals. In-game sprites, Tetsuya Nomura’s character designs and the ethereal art of Yoshitaka Amano are just some of the many elements of Final Fantasy’s style that have inspired legions of artists and crafters to create beautiful homages.
Let’s take a look at some of my favourite FF crafts from around the interwebs!

FFVIII Squall cross stitch by “Anat”

FFVI Alexander perler bead sprite by “artemis251”

FFX Yuna vinyl silhouette by “ForNerdByNerd”

FFIX Vivi perler bead sprite by “ShampooTeacher”

FFVI Ultros amigurumi by “susanhiding”

Final Fantasy cross stitch by “rachael”
This is just a tiny sample of the FF crafts to be found – there are literally thousands of different and wonderful works of art! I do recommend taking some time to look at a few, because you will be amazed at the detail and work that fans put into their crafts. J

Thank you for letting me be your guest poster today, and for this shameless plug I’m about to do!
Check out my cross stitch work at:
and of course, don’t forget to visit the blog and forums at !

Bye for now, Craft Hackers! *blasts off with a Firaga*

DIY Pokemon Guide – Cross Stitch

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Have you been running around catching Pokemon?  Is there a loved one in your life that has been catching Pokemon?  It is the latest craze and has a lot of people out and about getting exercise while they play.

There are many crafts you can create to show your love of Pokemon or to give as a gift.  For the next few weeks I am going to share different crafts that you can do featuring Pokemon.  Today is Cross Stitch week.

There are a LOT of great resources if you would like to stitch all things Pokemon.  Sprite Stitch has created a great database of free patterns.  They are free, so feel free to use all of the patterns you find, just please do not sell the finished products or patterns without the permission of the person who made the pattern.

pokemon sampler1 pokemon sampler2

Now I want to make these Epic pokemon patterns myself!

Etsy is of course another great resource.  The patterns are available for sale and are at reasonable prices.

AnnaXStitch has some cool designs.

Pokemon1 Pokemon2

Want a simpler project to start out with?  StitchingGarden has you covered.


However you stitch your love of Pokemon, choose your thread wisely!





A Little Piece of Your Heart

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From our crafty hearts to yours, Happy Valentine’s Day everyone!

Looking for love in all the right places?

Looking for love in all the right places? Have you checked Etsy?

In your search for that perfect representation of your love for that special someone, did you have difficulty finding just the right thing? Or were there so many options that you couldn’t decide? Well just in case it is the former, allow me to make a few suggestions. If you want to show Mr/Ms Right how much they set your heart to galloping, how about a heart shaped horseshoe?

It's a hunk of burning iron, aflame with passion!

It’s a hunk of burning iron, aflame with passion!

Or perhaps you are currently in a long distance relationship and want to remind them how special they are? Or better yet, make a not so subtle suggestion:

A carefully placed magnet could ensure it is always pointing toward you....

A carefully placed magnet could ensure it is always pointing toward you….

Or maybe you just want to remind them that they are in your heart all of the time?

Keeping all of those happy times in your heart...

Keeping all of those happy times in your heart has never been easier.

Or if you, like me, just don’t get all that mushy over the usual cartoony hearts and roses you can take things a bit more literally:

Ripped right out of my chest, just for you!

Ripped right out of my chest, just for you!

Even if you are currently in between relationships or happily single, do something nice for yourself today. Perhaps some online shopping?

A lovely, heartfelt crafty hug to you all!



Traveling while Crafting

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Last week I talked about travel accessories and bags you can use to travel with your crafts.  When traveling with crafts it is important to think about what you can and can’t take on an airplane.  The obvious one is don’t bring anything that is flammable or explosive.  There are some items you can check, but I always just leave all of that at home.  The biggest question I always get is sharp objects.  You CAN take your knitting needles and crochet hooks.  Scissors under 4 inches are also allowed.  For other sharp objects you can look at the TSA website in the states, or check the site of the country you are in or flying to before leaving for the airport.

There are a lot of great crafts that can travel easily.

Cross Stitch Kits


Cross Stitch is a great craft to take with you when traveling.  I used to love to cross stitch and would take it with me everywhere.  Simplicity even has a line of kits that make it even easier to cross stitch on the go.

Crochet and Knitting

This seems to be the craft I see most of when I travel.  I personally can’t do either one, but Nicole always brings her yarn when she is traveling and is constantly working on something.  On the way to New Orleans she spent most of the car ride making Pokeballs!  The Little Mount Yarn Company wrote a great piece on how to travel with your yarn.

Hand Quilting

Finally, I am currently traveling with my hand quilting.  You may have seen me hand sewing at a convention and wonder what I am doing.  The Cathedral Window Quilt is a great project that is easy to bring with you.  This Instructable taught me everything I needed to make my Cathedral Window quilt.  I have it bookmarked on my phone, Ipad, and computer and pull it out every trip.

Traveling with crafts is easy, fun, and relieves a lot of anxiety you may feel!


Mind Your Needles!

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Let’s face it, the holidays are coming (where did the rest of the year go?!). Are you at a loss for gift ideas for your friend/significant other/second cousin twice removed that enjoys textile arts like cross stitch, crochet, and knitting? I have found just the thing, mainly because they are currently on my holiday wishlist. A Needle Runs Through It is run by a lovely lady that started her business by creating sturdy project bags for those that like to take their needle crafting with them wherever they go. She has since expanded to include needle minders.

Needle minders, protecting fingers and toes everywhere!

Needle minders, protecting fingers and toes everywhere!

Not familiar with them, you say? If you have ever completed a project that requires a needle no more than 2 inches long, you know the pain of dropping and then trying to find your needle without stepping on it/stabbing yourself in the process. Needle minders are little magnets that attach to the front and back of your project so that when you need a break or to change your thread color, the needle has a safe and apparent place to rest. Her shop has some of the cutest little needle minders I’ve ever seen.

Alpaca and kitty will keep your needles safe!

Alpaca and kitty will keep your needles safe!

Does your friend/SO/cousin perhaps prefer subversive cross stitch? How about a super awesome yarn skull needle minder?

That's some tough craft love right there.

That’s some tough craft love right there.

Ok, I did mention above that she also caters to the crochet/knit crowd with her adorable wooden accessories. These sheep stitch markers should do the trick:

Fluffy little sheep tail!

Fluffy little sheep tail!

She has plenty to choose from! Even TARDIS shaped needle minders for the Doctor Who crafter in your life. To get your own needle minding awesomeness, you can find A Needle Runs Through It on Etsy and Facebook.

Wishing all our readers in the US a safe and happy Thanksgiving this week!

Now back to those holiday crafts I need to finish! Where’s my needle?