Swimming in Fandoms

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It’s coming on the end of July, which means that while everyone else is having lovely weather, the Irish summer has kicked in and I’m wishing I was anywhere but here. Its raining outside my window right now. Again….

So to cheer myself up I went in search of something that I’d like to be doing right now, top of the list being laying out on a beach enjoying the sun. And since this is my dream beach, what better way to do it than in geek style?

Look at all the fun that Jinx is having!

TejninsCosCreations is a shop that would perfectly kit me out for sunbathing, or kit you out for a real holiday!

Dr Who TARDIS anyone?

No matter what your fandom, Shelby can sort you out. This shop combines both fans and cosplay for a really unique feel. You can see the cosplay inspiration that started TejninsCosCreations off in her product shots. I love that she represents everyone of all shapes and sizes in these, and that it isn’t just the bikini, but the full costume in many pics. While I’m not sure I’d be sitting on a beach with a full face of Moxxi makeup, I would certainly love to sport my favorite characters there, too. Then again, for many cons (Colossalcon anyone?), these could double as your entire costume.

Pokemon’s Squirtle bikini.

If you can’t find your favorite, then ask! Shelby will take commissions for characters as well. So it might not be a bad time to start considering next year’s cons or holidays if you’d like to get something personal done.

Tejnin’s Cos Creations can be found on Etsy and Facebook.

~ eliste