Pharerings by Pharewings

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Being a part of the Twitch world I get to meet some pretty amazing artists.  I had the pleasure of meeting Pharewings a few months ago and watched her create some pretty cool pieces of jewelry on her Twitch stream.  Take a look at these amazing pieces.

Three stands of stainless steel captured Swarovskis make up this lovely bracelet. Each crystal individually captured with no strings.
Hand wrapped hematite beads and drops grace the elegant line of this stainless steel chainmaille necklace. The necklace base its self is accented with a simple gradated effect. This necklace is 20 inches long with a small tail with a bead on it for an extra pop.
This is a made to order necklace made out of stainless steel. It is made out of a Japaneses weave to simulate lace and closes with a slide lock clasp. This necklace comes out to 18 inches long. It takes between two weeks to four weeks to make. The color of the swarovski drop can be changed upon request.
Made out of stainless steel this elegant headdress is accented with over 50 Swarovski crystals. Fome the crown top to the last crystals it is around 18 inches long. This was made live on
Speaking of Twitch, Pharewings is having a stream to benefit St Jude hospital tomorrow!
You check out Pharewings Etsy shop here and watch her live on Twitch while she raises money for St Jude here!

Meet the Hackers: Brony Con

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Today is the start of Brony Con in Baltimore, Md.


BronyCon is the world’s largest convention for and by fans of the animated TV series “My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic.” Starting out as a one-day event in New York City with just 100 attendees, BronyCon has grown over the years to a weekend-long extravaganza drawing over 10,000 fans from every corner of the globe. Featuring show guests, an incredible panel lineup, BronyPalooza, a fully-stocked vendor hall, screenings, contests and so much more, BronyCon has something in store for everyone.

BronyCon is a nonprofit event run entirely by volunteer staff.

White Tree Chainmail will be there!  He has made some fantastic new Wall Hangings and will debut them this weekend.

13599479_10154182393665953_1038578006_n 13621319_10154182744990953_1636719287_o

You can find him at F20 in the Artist Alley.


So stop by and say hi!


Pi Day – Week 1

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Saturday March 14th was the ultimate Pi day.  Pi is of course 3.14159.  I was at the Indiana Comic Con and decided to celebrate Pi day by spreading the love with miniature pies.

2015-03-14 09.41.48

I shared these miniature pies with all of the amazing crafty people I found at the Indiana Comic Con.  Every Saturday in April I am going to share pictures and give you information about these crafty people.

To start, I got to see an old friend, David Lee Pancake.

2015-03-14 09.58.06 2015-03-14 09.58.32

One of his dragon creations wanted to eat the Pie!  You can see David’s work on his website, twitter, or facebook.

Next I saw Chainmail Legions.  This was the second time I was able to chat with these talented ladies.  They were also at Capricon a few weeks before.

2015-03-14 09.48.07

You can see Natallie’s Etsy shop here, and their Facebook page here.

Then I went across the aisle to one of my favorite ships, Geeky Endeavors.

2015-03-14 09.49.21

Specializing in anything nerd– Chainmaille, steampunk, gamer accessories, even board games, they always have something new and different at conventions.  You can see their Facebook page here.

I will share more crafty people next week!



Meet The Hackers: Intervention

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This weekend is Intervention in Washington DC.  It is a unique convention that celebrates everything internet.  So comics, blogs, videos, podcasts, and makers are all guests at the convention.

They offer many things to do including workshops (there is a cool one Saturday where you can learn to make your own web series), arcade gaming, board gaming, larp, and movies and video.  Oh and they have an artist alley!

This is important because Craft Hacker member White Tree Chainmail will be there!

You can find him at table 54.  Make sure you stop by and say hi to him!  This is his debut convention as a Craft Hacker and I can’t wait.  His table looks amazing and he has some really fantastic Chain Mail items for sale.  Oh and make sure you have fun!


Crafts of GenCon

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One of the things that I learned about GenCon this year is that it’s not all about table top gaming.  In fact, there is so much fun to be had doing other activities!  So while Toni, Nicole and Marc were working at their awesome booth, I took it upon myself to fill up three whole days with crafting!!  And now I’m going to share that crafting with you, in all their stages of incomplete.  🙂

I started off my Thursday morning by learning how to crochet a gnome.  This being the first time I’ve crocheted in well over a two decades, I was a little slow on the uptake!  Here’s how far I got on mine.  The second is my friend’s gnome.  She managed to get hers done when we got home.  Isn’t he adorable? IMG_20140820_203624857_1200x674  IMG_20140818_165057043 (1)_506x900

After this crochet adventure, I made sure to check out Toni’s booth, visited with Marc and Nicole and drooled over everything they were selling.   I also played some Super Robo Rally where I won with my Wall-E robot and got in an Indy catacombs tour.

Finally, I ended Thursday with fairy painting!  It was so much fun, relaxing and a great way to finish off our first day at GenCon!

IMG_20140820_203953287_506x900 IMG_20140820_204013203_506x900

On Friday, I started my crafting day with a knitting class where I got the materials and pattern to make a kitten hat!  Truly the cutest thing!  Unfortunately, knitting is a little slow going so I didn’t get very far but we got to take all of our materials home with us and I promise to finish it!!  Really, I will!  This class was taught by Claire Knits!  Check out her other cute classes from GenCon.  You may even be able to see me in the class picture!


Then we went to a chainmaille/scalemaille class where we made this beautiful firebird cuff.  This one I was committed to finishing in class, even if it killed me and finish I did!  Vanessa from Kali Butterfly was an awesome teacher and gave great one-on-one instruction.  A fantastic class and if I get to go to GenCon again, I will definitely take another of her classes!

IMG_20140820_203526014_506x900 IMG_20140820_203549890_1200x674

Saturday was a full day from 9:00 am to midnight!  I started by making kitten mittens to match my kitten hat!  I got far enough on this one that you can see the little paw print!  Then I tried my hand at crocheting a hobbit hood.  Again, I didn’t get very far but you can see what it’s supposed to look like on the instruction page.  I also made a posable dragon bracelet (not displayed) and we finished the day with some serious chainmaille!  I probably should have known better than to try making a serpentine chainmaille necklace at 9:00 at night to midnight on our third day into the con but alas!  Sticking with my “usual”, I did not finish it!  But I did buy the pliers so I can keep going on it.

IMG_20140820_203853428_1200x674   IMG_20140820_203923235_1200x674  IMG_20140820_204106701_1200x674

All in all, I am very happy with my first GenCon experience and the crafting classes were so much fun!  I hope you’ve enjoyed this little adventure into my three days at GenCon and I hope you’ll join us next year!!

– Lindsay

Sunday Wrap Up

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We have had some fantastic projects shared with us on the forums.

Whitetree finished his Megaman Inlay Wall Hanging

BigDaddyWiz Did an amazing cross stitch of the Pumking logo.

Lexxi did this AMAZING Batman quilt that makes the panels look like they are movie strips.

And Eliste did this really well done Baby Quilt.

Remember, if you want to see your projects on the blog, you need to post them in the forums!


20 Geeky Engagement Rings you can actually buy

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I love lists like this.  I love it when someone takes the time to research some awesome craft someone has made and then makes the public aware that this craft exists.  In this case it is custom jewelry that takes the form of a geeky engagement ring.  There are some more traditional modestly priced ones with a geeky twist like the Star Trek insignia ring made of white gold with diamonds for about $1550.

There is the less expensive ring that is just fantastic like the golden snitch ring.

There is the more traditional expensive rings with the geeky twist like the Superman cut ring that is priced at $3-4,000.

But what really made my day was when I scrolled to the bottom of the article and saw the last ring they had listed.  It is a gold ring with the triforce emblem on it.

I thought it looked really familiar and a lot like my tri-force pendant that I got from Rice Hat Samurai. Then I saw a post on his page that he made the list!  It is his ring!  Craft Hacker member Rice Hat Samurai made the list and has one of the top 20 geeky engagement rings!  I am very happy and very ecstatic that a member of our family was recognized in this way.  If you want to pass on your congratulations to him, head over to the forums and let him know.


Member Feature – Rice Hat Saamurai

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If you haven’t seen Marc’s jewelry in the forums yet, then you have missed out on some fantastic pieces.  I met Marc almost a year ago at Con Bravo in Hamilton, Ontario.  I saw his jewelry and fell in love with his pieces of art.  I walked up and told him how much I was in love with his jewelry and asked if we could be friends.  He immediately said sure and invited me out with other artists for dinner and drinks and we have been friends ever since.

Marc is a Goldsmith that works with chainmail as well as all types of jewelry.  He specializes in geeky pieces, but appeals to a vast audience as well.


In addition to being a member I brought Marc on board to mentor new members.  He is a talented artist, but he also knows how to run a successful business and showcase his jewelry in an appealing and professional way.


Sunday Wrap-Up

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So I am going to take a page out of the Sprite Stitch Site and do a Sunday Wrap-Up!  I may not do it every Sunday, but I wanted to do it today.  Here are a couple cool chain mail projects that have been posted in our forums for you to enjoy.  Want to see your project on our blog?  Make sure you post in the forums!


And don’t forget that we have a contest going on right now for May and June where you can win your own customizable t-shirt!