Light Up Your Life

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Happy Sunday, all!

There was a third vendor at Philly Comic Con that I really must gush about. Dan at Altruistic makes some of the most wonderful wooden geekery! They make clocks, pendants, amazing cosplay accessories, and other nerdy goodies.

AltruisticGallifreyClock  AltruisticVaultBoyPendant  AltruisticMasterSword

Their most unique creations, though, are the tea light boxes. Small, carved wooden boxes in your favorite fandoms with your choice of different colored battery operated tea lights!

AltruisticGreenTealight  AltruisticJSTealight  AltruisticMKTealight

These would make absolutely fantastic night lights for the kids (or yourself) or great accent pieces for your game room. The best part is that the “faces” are interchangeable, so you can buy some to make everyone in the house happy and just switch them around when you like. Let it be noted that if you don’t see your heart’s desire on their site, they also do custom work!

If you like what you see and want to add some clever geek pieces to your home, Altruistic can be found on Facebook and their website.

Stay crafty!


Studio Ghibli Table Pyrography

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I’ve always loved burned effects on various materials in art, and today I want to show off a new artist’s first go at Pryopraghy as it was quite ambitious.

Studio Tamago is a French artist that typically works with more traditional art mediums like photography and design, but their custom burned wood table is what really caught my eye. For a first attempt their lines and and fine detail accuracy are just stunning. I really don’t know why they wouldn’t experiment more after such a successful first attempt as they clearly have talent for the medium, but if you fancy seeing some of their photography skills do still check out their gallery. 🙂