We’ve Done some Leather… Now for some Lace.

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Happy Thursday!

I had an idea in my head for this post for something I had seen done. It was doing a lace design on a cake using fabric lace , but as I was looking around at how to do it (since I couldn’t for the life of me remember how they applied the “paint” icing over the lace) and I came across some other things that were almost as cool, and less tantalizing for your tastebuds if you’re reading this in the early AM.

I decided to run with the lace idea. Lace is usually only really thought of on bridal, honeymoon and scandalous clothing.  There are, however, a bunch of different crafts that are pretty easy that you can do using different kinds of lace. I’ll bring you a couple of my favourites here and post the links to the tutorials.  I wanted to give you a bit of a collection this morning rather than focusing on one item since most of these are pretty quick and easy and don’t require too much explanation.

The first tutorial I found was this.

This picture may make it a little difficult to see, but I really wanted to catch not just the project but the effect.  This tutorial taken from www.donob.com (available there and other sites of course) shows how to make an easy lace globe lamp.  It’s basically the same technique as paper mache around a balloon, but then using the globe as a lightshade.  I just love love love the shadow of the lace on the walls.  These pictures and most tutorials show this done with white lace doilies, but if white isn’t really your colour (as it isn’t really mine) you can dye the white doilies to whatever colour you would like and still get the same shadow effect.  You can also use dimmer bulbs and smaller baloons for smaller fixtures or a less brilliant light, or you can make something big and bright to be the centrepiece in a room. Whatever you choose, this accents not just the light fixture but the walls too.

Another beautifuly lacy and simple craft I came across was this:

This is a very simple cut and paste (or sew) tutorial, and it really just involves you finding the right lace. It can also be done in any colour and the full tutorial is found here.  These make beautiful decorations for any occasion and look amazing all lit up.

The third and final simple lace craft also has many different tutorials floating around the web but I’ve taken this from Martha Setwart and Vintage Pretty Pearl’s Blog.

These beautiful tiles can be done as coasters, as larger tiles for the garden, as decorative pieces around the house. There’s lots of ways to use them and you can get so creative with them. All you need to do is choose your colours, adhere the lace to the tile (with a non permanent adhesive) and spray painting away with the colour of your choosing!

I hope you enjoyed my cheap and cheerful easy DIY.

Happy Thursday!


Not Your Ordinary Balloons

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While not anywhere near the most popular medium, I’ve always been fascinated with balloon animals. I have a book I bought when I was around 12 that taught me how to make basic animals like the classic dog and swan.  But…well, I don’t think they make books for this level.

Colossal Titan Balloon Costume by No Ordinary Balloon Man

Yup. You read that caption right. That’s not only a giant balloon creation; it’s also a COSTUME. How the person inside can see or walk and not pop it is completely beyond me. Think I’ll just tag it as ‘magic’ and move on. 😉

That giant costume (and more like it) are the creation of Bruce Carr who not only creates these fantastical and unique balloon designs, but does performance shows at conventions while he makes them. Something I’ve never seen in all my years attending cons. His work is incredibly detailed for the medium he works in, and one of his creations has actual been turned into a meme.

Definitely give his gallery a look through to see some more video game, Doctor Who, MLP, and all sorts of unique creations. If you live in the Orlando area you may even see him and his work up close at a con or a birthday party!