Awesome Con Wrap Up

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Awesome Con was awesome.  We had a great time in the Craft Hacker area of Artist Alley.  A lot of people stopped by and even more tuned in when we live streamed from the convention.  For those that weren’t able to do either I have uploaded all of the Craft Hacker interviews on to You Tube.

I learned a lot with my first live streaming experience.  First, don’t turn the camera sideways.  If I do that, then the picture turns sideways for those watching.  I am still working on fixing our panel on Crafty Thinking and turning it back the way it should be.  Once I do, it will get uploaded as well.  The second thing I learned was to be careful of the shaky camera.  I may decide to mount my camera for the next convention to avoid this.

Next up for live streaming is Too Many Games June 26-28!  See you then!



Meet the Hackers: Awesome Con

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Today marks the start of AwesomeCon, a three day Pop Culture event in Washington, DC.  I am excited to return to Awesome Con for the third year (this is also the third year it is in existence).  Nicole and I launched Craft Hackers at Awesome Con last year so it holds a huge place in our hearts.  I am very excited to announce the Craft Hacker alley this year.

Awesome Con 2015

The alley will feature some great Craft Hacker members including 3154Kelly, Team Kultzow, White Tree Chainmail, Ami Ami Creations, Quiltoni, Craftigurumi, and our special guest Colorworld Books.  So take a stroll through our alley.  Our members would love to chat with you about their crafts and art.

I am also excited to announce that Craft Hackers is launching a Hang With channel today.  Hang w/ is a site that allows us to stream live content to you.  This content will get cleaned up and posted on You Tube at a later date, but it allows you see what we do at conventions as it happens!  Nicole and I will start streaming today when we see anything interesting at the convention, see old friends, or meet new ones.  We want to get all of the kinks worked out because tomorrow we will be streaming our Crafty Thinking panel live!

For the first time you will be able to watch the Crafty Thinking panel as it happens even if you can’t make it to the convention.  The panel will be taking place on Saturday at 10am in room 145a.  It features Liz Reed from Cuddles and Rage and Rachel E Kelly from Colorworld Books.

Awesome 2015

If you are at the convention, come to the panel with questions ready.  If you can’t attend the convention make sure you sign up and follow us on Hang With.  You will get a notification when we start streaming.  I am not going to take questions through the app this time, but I may be able to for future conventions.

I can’t wait for an Awesome weekend!  See you there!!

Change in My Life

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This past weekend marked another change in my life.  I have decided to leave my job at Michaels to go back to working with my parents at their insurance agency in Maryland.  The first question I have been getting is “What, are you leaving Canada?!”  The answer is no, I will not be leaving Canada, but I won’t be here all of the time.  Starting in a few weeks I will be splitting my time between the DC area and here in Ontario.  The time I spend in Ontario I will be working from my home.

So what does this mean for Quiltoni and for Craft Hackers?  Good things actually.  I will be spending more time on travel, but it also means I can spend more time at conventions promoting and helping my Craft Hacker members.  It also means when I am working in Maryland I can spend my nights with my mother quilting.  So I should be able to get quilts made faster after the new year and I can get out to more conventions!

If there is a convention you would like me to attend with Craft Hackers and bring the Crafty Thinking panel please let me know!  I am also happy to announce that I will be able to attend Awesome Con in Milwaukee November 21-23.  I am very excited to be attending a new city!  I can’t wait!



Awesome Con

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Next weekend Nicole and I will be at Awesome Con in Indianapolis.  “Wait” you say, “isn’t Awesome Con in Washington, DC?”  Yes!  But now Awesome Con has expanded to include Indianapolis and Milwaukee.  We are not able to attend Milwaukee, but we will be at Indianapolis next weekend and will bring our Crafty Thinking panel as well.

The guest list is unbelievable.  You can see Adam West, Alan Tudyk, Bryan Tillman, Bryan Turner, Burt Ward, Kevin Sorbo, Mark Sheppard, and so many many more.  I am so excited that they are bringing Super Art Fight to Indianapolis!  If you haven’t seen super art fight, you REALLY need to.

Self-described (but agreed upon by dozens) as the GREATEST LIVE ART COMPETITION IN THE KNOWN UNIVERSE, Super Art Fight presents audiences a live drawing battle unlike anything they have seen before. A mixture of ridiculous characters in ridiculous costumes, pro-wrestling style storytelling and bravado, and a touch of improv comedy, SAF brings to the stage a show that will have you cheering until your throat is raw! For more info on these thrilling jerks, visit their frequently updated website,  The artists participating in Indianapolis are

Jeffrey Day
Brandon Chalmbers
Ross Nover
Michael Bracco
Robert May III

So make plans now to head to Indianapolis next weekend and stop by and say hi!  We will have a Meet the Hackers post next Friday with all of the details about where we will be located and when our panel will be.


Gen Con Wrap Up

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This was my first time in Indianapolis and it was absolutely amazing.  We had such an amazing time and met so many wonderful people.  We set up our table on Wednesday and were ready to go on Thursday!


The hall was GIGANTIC!  I know it took a lot of people a while to find us tucked into that corner.  This was the view of the hall from around the corner.


And that is just one tiny part of it! The best part was the entire city got into the Gen Con spirit.

IMG_0048 IMG_0059 IMG_0056

The Craft Hacker panel went amazing and we had some great questions about starting your own business.  MANY thanks to Ben from Awesome Con for joining us!

Speaking of Awesome Con, Craft Hackers is coming back to Indianapolis in October for the first Awesome Con here!  I am so excited for the fantastic guests that will be there!!

We had such an amazing time at GenCon that we have already booked for next year.  I can’t wait to come back to this city in two months!


Twisted Wire

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Another artist that caught my eye at Awesome Con was Twisted Wire.  I have been to many conventions through the years and I have never seen anyone create sculptures just out of wire.  Kevis is amazing with his ability to sculpt creations that take my breath away.




As you can see he creates sculptures from different genres so he appeals to a wide range of people.  The pictures don’t do these justice.  It was incredibly unique and his table display definitely caught my eye.  His site can be found at


Chain & Fancy

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I have seen a lot of different types of chain mail at conventions, online, and at Renn Fests, but Chain & Fancy really caught my attention at Awesome Con Easter weekend.  The flowers were what really stood out.

After the convention I went to their website at to take a look at their gallery.  I then stumbled across the beautiful Proto dragon.

Not only are they talented and have unique, fascinating chain mail, but they have agreed to make some chain mail tutorials for Craft Hackers!  I am so curious excited to see first-hand how chain mail is created and can’t wait for the first one.


Crafty Thinking Panel

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For those that attended Awesome Con you may have stopped by on Sunday and participated in the Crafty Thinking Panel.  For those that didn’t (or those that did and you didn’t take notes) we video taped it and I have finally uploaded it to You Tube.  The first half we introduced ourselves, our business, and what our biggest hurdle we find is as a small business owner.  I then talked a few minutes about Craft Hackers before we took questions from the audience.  The second half we continued the questions from the audience.

We covered a LOT of topics including pricing, web presence, conventions, getting started, and yes the dreaded copyright issues.  So take a look and if you have any questions at all please feel free to come by the forums and ask away!


Crafty Thinking Panel Part 1

Crafty Thinking Panel Part 2


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While at Awesome Con this past weekend I was walking around networking when all of a sudden I spied some cupcakes.  I immediately steered myself in the direction of the deliciousness.  I was really curious so I took a look at what they had and this is what I saw:

cosmic Cupcakes

Yes, those are cupcakes decorated with your favorite comic book theme.  I was super excited.  I had to have one and when I ate it my mouth enjoyed every bite.  They were moist and good and had all of the deliciousness that I had hoped for.  If you want to see more pictures, head over to their website at

– Toni