Happy Birthday to Us!!

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*throws confetti* Hooray! It’s our one year anniversary today! 😀


Man, what a crazy year it’s been. When Toni approached me about starting this up with her, I really had no idea where it would take us.We’d been running the convention circuit for a few years already and from the moment she said we would be helping other artists succeed, I knew I was sold. Encouragement wasn’t found for my crafting passion when I was growing up so it means the world to me to be able to tell people you can do. You can take what you love and share it with the world and I’m gonna help you do it.

We’ve met so many amazingly talented artists and people this last year, and made several new friends as well! With big cons like C2E2, GenCon, and the various Wizard World cons coming up soon, I can’t wait to see what this year will bring. ^_^




I am so happy to be celebrating our one year anniversary.  It was a bit rough the first few months because it was mostly just Nicole and I, and I wasn’t sure what direction the blog would really go.  After all of the support and love from readers and members we’ve slowly developed into what you see today.  I am very proud of the finished product we have and am sure there will be a lot of growth and change in the future.

I couldn’t have done this without Nicole.  She is my idea generator, second pair of eyes, and support for everything we do.  I don’t think we would have been successful without her.  I also owe my thanks to my bloggers who think of so many wonderful things that are craft related for you.  And of course I owe my thanks to readers and members.  Our members are slowly turning into successful businesses and I am proud to showcase them at conventions this Summer.

Here’s to many more anniversaries!