A Study in Cute

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Surprise, surprise! I’m back at a convention this weekend. This time, though, I am but a humble attendee. Anime Central (or ACEN as it’s generally referred to) took place in Rosemont, IL this weekend and as it is really the first convention I’d ever been dragged to (8 years ago) it holds a special place in my heart. As you know if you follow my Sunday posts, I love cute little plushies and let me tell you, ACEN is just full of cute fuzzy plushie goodness! I’ve been following Geeky Cute Crochet for a while now but this year I got to bring home an adorable little friend from the artist’s army of squeezable dragons.

Look at his itty bitty horns and boop-able snoot!

Look at his itty bitty horns and boop-able snoot!

Juliette, the creator of these and many other charming (and quite small) crochet darlings has a little something for everyone, including some fandom critters.

Wouldn't you just love to plant these little guys in the garden of your heart?

Wouldn’t you just love to plant these little guys in the garden of your heart?

I am very impressed by her skill and versatility…plus they all are just REALLY stinking cute!

I mean, who WOULDN'T want to snap this right up?

I mean, who WOULDN’T want to snap this right up?

She has also begun to offer other crafty goodies like cross stitch hoops with a-dorkable sayings on them but truly, her business is obviously not just a clever name. To get your cute fix, Geeky Cute Crochet can be found on Etsy, Facebook, and Tumblr.

Hope you have a great week and we’ll see you next Sunday.

Stay crafty!


Not Your Aunt’s Ceramics

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I don’t know about you but when I was growing up, a number of my aunts (I have quite a few) were really enthusiastic about ceramics. I still have the ceramic baby blocks and piggy bank to prove it. They are cute but not something that I continue to display or use on a regular basis. While at Wizard World Chicago this year, I couldn’t help but notice Mesiree Ceramics Studio’s booth as they were essentially in my line of sight for much of the convention. They immediately caught my attention because they were displaying items like this:

Is that...a catbus?!?!

Is that…a catbus?!?!

I am a huge Studio Ghibli fan and I’m pretty sure that I let out a rather loud squeal upon spying their lovely wares. Besides being cute, the detail on their mugs is just beautiful. I love the pure anger captured here on Calcifer’s face:

This will shortly be my new Mondays mug.

This will shortly be my new Mondays mug.

Ok, so they don’t just create amazing Miyazaki art. Their more traditional designs are also lovingly crafted and glazed in an array of colors.

MesireeFox  MesireeShip

Not in the market for a mug? What about a goldfish yarn bowl for all of you that knit/crochet or a hedgehog brown sugar saver for the bakers?

MesireeFishYarnBowl  MesireeHedgehog

All of these items would definitely be proudly displayed and used on a regular basis in my home.

The holidays are coming up and I highly encourage you to check out their Etsy store, Facebook page, or Instagram for some great gift ideas. This work is not to be missed!

Enjoy your Sunday and stay crafty!


She May Create Small…

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…but her designs have a large impact! On this lovely Sunday, I bring you the work of Anya Zoe. She works with yarn on a very small scale and in fact, when I first came across her booth at a convention, I almost passed it up. There was one thing that caught my eye in a very big way, the most amazing mini Turnip Head character amigurumi!

Love Miyazaki films, too?Check these out!

Love Miyazaki films, too? Check these out!

The first photo does not do justice to this very tiny scale, so allow me to illustrate the point with the following Darth Vader that will easily fit in the palm of your hand.

Tiny though he is, the force is strong with this mini.

Tiny though he is, the force is strong with this mini.

The detail that she achieves on such a small scale is just mind blowing to me. All of the itty bitty stitches complete with accessories truly elevates these to another level. Her selection is quite extensive and she is always adding to it.


If you are also handy with a crochet hook, Anya Zoe has opportunities for you to create some of these yourself through PatreonPatreon is essentially an ongoing crowdfunding site wherein supporters give money to an artist (or other organization) at different levels for perks. In this case, the possibilities include her amigurumi, patterns, and tutorials.

Want more adorable mini crochet creations? Anya Zoe can be found on Etsy, Deviant Art, Facebook, and, of course, Patreon.


Meet the Hackers: Anime North

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Today marks the first day of Anime North.  Anime North is an anime convention located in Toronto, Canada that celebrates anime, manga, music, games and all other forms of Japanese Culture and Craft Hackers will be there!

Absynthetika and Rice Hat Samurai Studio will both be in the dealer room at L10 and Y13.



Geek @ <3 will be there as well in the artist area at PP07.


So make sure you stop by and see them!

If you didn’t plan on visiting Anime North and like all things Japanese then you should check it out.