Soap for the clean nerd

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In another one of my wandering on Etsy, I came across this excellent store. You know those fun shaped decorative soaps that people sometimes put in their bathrooms? The ones that look too pretty to use? Yeah I just found the nerdy equivalent. Check out Chrystal Doucette’s shop Digital Soaps on Etsy ( These soaps are amazing and leave me wondering just how she makes or finds the molds to make the soaps.

Dragonball soaps

These are made as surprise inside pokeball soaps 🙂

SOAP Pokeball With Toy Inside, Surprise Gashapon

Then there are her game cartridge soaps

SOAP Gameboy cartridge parody with case, energy citrus scented, Kirby's Dreamland title

There are so many more where those came from and they’re all as equally fun. Chrystal comes up with some really fun soaps and helpfully lists the ingredients in her soap. This is nice for those who may have sensitivities. Perhaps I’ll add some of these adorable soaps to my powder room so guests can see my nerdiness.



Geeky Miscellany

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Perusing around Etsy for some fun geeky things, I stumbled across the wonderful shop of Neurons Not Included. It’s full of all sorts of fun geekery from across the board, anything from pop culture references to the human anatomy. They have an assortment of mugs, jewelry, ornaments, and magnets. It was their aluminum cuff bracelets that caught my eye.

This one specifically:

I’m a bit of a camera and photography nerd, so anything camera related makes me excited that I can wear my camera nerdiness without actually wearing a camera :-p

There is an assortment of geeky cuffs, like a chain of pixel hearts, a quote from Nikola Tesla and words spelled with elements from the periodic table.

Check out this fun hair clip:

There are others that look like zippers and neurons as well.

Then they have magnets, the following is a personal fave:

I'm a lumberjack- geeky funny magnet- 2 inch x 3 inch

I sing this song all the time, I had a good giggle over the fact that they made it into a magnet. As with their cuffs and hairclips there is an assortment of magnets, which are all very fun and nerdy.

The items are all made by Cindy and Randy Green in their spare bedroom turned studio. They print off all their designs and assemble all their pieces in house. Neurons not Included has quite the assortment of geeky items that one could use to show off their geekyness is fun ways. Check them out at:


Reinvention of the 1950’s apron

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Ok so I absolutely love to bake, which usually results in flour, powdered sugar, or whatever I might be working on splattered on the front of me. Right now I have one apron with a screen print of the Tardis on it, but it is more a standard apron. Now I have patterns for more traditional vintage style aprons but I was wondering if anybody out there made any geeky style aprons. Because if I’m gonna bake I want to do it while wearing something fun and inspiring. Well a quick etsy search later and I found DarkBalloons, she makes FANTASTIC vintage style aprons with a geeky flair. Just checking out her shop you’ll see some fun representations of your favorite pop culture and video came characters. These aprons are so adorable and elegant that it almost seems a shame to get them dirty, but hey that’s what an apron is for :-p

This is the apron I would LOVE to have as Princess Daisy is my fave Mario character:

Princess Daisy Apron

And how adorable is this Zelda apron:

Toon Zelda Apron

There are soo many more that I could post, just go check her out: These aprons are perfect for the geeky baker or chef, who wants an apron that is out of the ordinary and represents their geeky nature.


Soft, squishy and all kinds of adorable!

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Let me start this off with the fact that I may have an addiction to adorable plushy pillows. Whenever I go to a convention I tend to come home with some new and adorable pillow for our already over pillowed couch. I can’t help it, I just love the huggable, squishy-ness that is fun pillows. It is my hope that when my husband and I move to a new home that I can get neutral colored couches that I will collect adorable and unique throw pillows for. Some of these pillows will likely come from MyMimi on etsy. She makes pillows so adorable its almost painful :-p She has a history of being a toy designer and the pillows she designs in her studio definitely reflect that. Her designs have such wonderful personality and I hope to one day acquire a few for my home. Check her out on etsy:

Here are some of my faves (all images are from her etsy shop):

16 x 16" Pillow, Computer Pillow, Vintage, Retro, 8bit Heart, I Love You, Nerdy Pillow, Toy Pillow, Throw Pillow, Kawaii, Office Dorm Decor

Decorative Pillow, Geeky Pillow, Polaroid Camera, Retro Polaroid Camera, SX70, Old School, Office Decor, 16 x 16"

12 x 12" Cupcake Pillow, Stuffed Toy, Kids Room Decor, Children's Pillow, Kids Throw Pillow, Food Pillow, Kawaii Pillow

She has an assortment of geeky designs, food designs, and creatively fun whimsical designs. Her pillows are a perfect way to add some fun, adorable flair to one’s home.


Ever heard of Washi tape?

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I was putzing around buzzfeed one day when I found a list for something called Washi tape. I’d never heard of it before and the list was about ways to decorate with it ( There are some pretty fantastically fun ideas on the buzzfeed list so I just had to look up more info on this Washi tape stuff. Turns out that Washi tape is a type of colorful Japanese tape, similar to masking tape. It is made out of paper, but its stronger than you might think because it is made from natural fibers like bamboo and hemp. The tape is made in many different colors and patterns, which has inspired crafters to do all sorts of things with it.

Needless to say I’m intrigued, I might have to get my hands one some of this Washi tape and see what I can decorate with it. Better yet instead of buying it, perhaps I can make some; I found a tutorial on the Gunny Sack blog for making one’s own Washi tape. It looks relatively easy, just a matter of finding cute tissue paper and some double sided tape, here’s the link to the tutorial:

Here are some of the fun things I’d like to try (from the buzzfeed list) with the Washi tape, just check out the buzzfeed list or pinterest for more ideas:

Make magnets that look like pieces of tape.

Washi tape magnets, how cute are these?!

Transform a computer keyboard.

Make your keyboard a source of creative inspiration!

Decorate your furniture.

Upgrade boring furniture so it has a little more flair!

Time to make or pick up some Washi tape and have some crafty fun!


Adventures in baking :-)

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After seeing Toni’s post about the glow in the dark cake it inspired me to try a baking technique I’ve been wanting to do for awhile. I also really wanted to break in my new Kitchen Aid.

Lucky for me an opportunity arose when a friend of mine invited me over for an evening. I happened to have the day off before the evening get together so I decided to break out the baking supplies. Since I’ve got another friend who’d be there who has Celiacs, I decided I’d try my hand a gluten free baking. I opted for a King Arthur brand gluten free cake mix, figuring it would be easier than making it from scratch.

Well I mixed up that cake batter so I could do the baking technique I wanted to try. This would be making a rainbow cake! I’d seen a few youtube videos about making rainbow cakes and was just itching to try it out.

So here we have the batter (it’s important to start with a white or yellow cake batter) all mixed with food coloring, I used McCormick brand because it is gluten free:


Ready to go in the oven! Just put approx half a spoonful of each color in the cupcake liners, till it’s about half full.


Baked! How fun are these!?


I finished off the cupcakes with a made from scratch orange flavored buttercream icing, they are delicious!


If you would like to make your own rainbow cakes, check out My Cupcake Addiction on youtube ( She has a handful of videos for making rainbow layer cakes, cake pops, and cupcakes.

Have fun with it!



Playing with computers!

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Recently I acquired 11 old computer keyboards and thought to myself, what can I do with these? Well I had seen a video by Rosanna Pansino on you tube (she has a show called Nerdy Nummies, its awesome!) where she made keyboard key magnets. So I decided to pop some keys off the boards and make some magnets, which are really cute. Here’s a link to the video:

This is how they turned out:

Keyboard Magnet (1 of 1) Keyboard Magnet 3 (1 of 1)

This inspired me to see what else one can do with old computer keyboards. So I looked around and found a few fun things such as:

Compy keyboard clock A wall clock, this is made by Screaming Monkey Circus on etsy, you can find his shop here:

Key push pins Keyboard keys push pins, I found this at:

Keyboard Lamp And a lamp from the innards of the keyboard, found at

There are many more from where those examples came from. Now I’m looking forward to making more fun things with these keyboard keys. I’m hoping to try and make the lamp because I think that is really cool. These are definitely some projects I hope to try and do in the near future. Especially because it is a great way to recycle things that aren’t being used anymore, yay for up-cycling! 🙂


Crafting, where it all starts…

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The last couple days have been a bit on the reminiscent side for me. It has been mentioned in one of my earlier posts that I recently got married, however before and after my wedding there were two funerals. The funerals were for my Grandma Phyllis (on my mom’s side) and my Grandpa Art (on my dad’s side), it was at my Grandpa Art’s funeral on June 10th, that it suddenly hit me that these were people who were integral to my growth not only as a person but as a crafter. It makes me very sad that they cannot be here physically to see me continue to grow my business but they were supportive of me while they were here. As a crafter who is thinking of starting a business doing what they love, family becomes very important. They’re your support team, they push you and help you to do your best.

Family is not only there as a support team but some times they’re the reason you get into crafting in the first place. My Grandma Phyllis and my mom are the reason I began sewing, they both taught me everything I know. Grandma Phyllis actually was in the habit of designing outfits, she had hopes to go into fashion design. We are lucky enough to have some of her fashion drawings as momentos. I am also lucky enough to have a card of buttons from her furrier days (she used to line fur coats) and her dress form. These are things I will cherish, especially because one of the first things she taught me was how to sew on a button. She used to comment on how I was like her in the sense that I too enjoyed designing outfits (costumes really), she encouraged me to pursue it but to be sure to have a back up plan. My Grandma gave me a love for creating things out of fabric, from teaching me how to make barbie clothes from patterns to helping me figure out how to make clothes without patterns for said barbie dolls.

When it came to Grandpa Art, he always had things for us to play with that would encourage and nurture creativity. My brother and I would play with egg cartons, oatmeal containers, shoe boxes, tinker toys, Lincoln logs and erector sets. We would create cities for our toys to live in with the reusable materials and my Grandpa Art had a blast showing us how to play with the erector sets. If it weren’t for my Grandpa Art, I probably wouldn’t have a love for the geeky things I make today. He is the reason I enjoy video games, the first game I ever played was on the Atari at his house. My Grandpa loved electronics, he always had the newest technological toy to play with. I’m pretty sure I get my geeky-ness from him. I also get my love of photography from him, he gave me my first 35mm SLR camera when I was in my late teens. When he gave it to me I had no idea how to use it but I figured it out with a little help from my dad. Grandpa Art was very excited and supportive of my adventures in starting a business, whenever I posted something about it on facebook he’d share it on his facebook page. In fact one of his last posts was a picture of me and Donna’s table at MAGFest 2014. He was so proud of me and what I was accomplishing.

What I’m trying to say is that while family is a great support system it is also where we tend to get our crafty natures from. Family members teach us about crafts they have done, or they may encourage us to take classes on things we’re interested in. Family is there to encourage and help us grow, I am so grateful for my parents and my grandparents for helping me become who I am today and giving me the skills to embrace and tackle my dreams. Without them I wouldn’t be who I am as a person and crafter today. As a crafter it is imperative to have an encouraging support system because it is so easy to start feeling defeated. There have been countless times I have looked to family for help with my crazy crafting dreams and they have always been there for me. So whatever it is you are trying to get into don’t be afraid to look to your family for advice, and for that matter your friends. You’ll want to look to the people who care about you and aren’t afraid to give you critiques on what you have made. Having the crafting knowledge and support of family and friends will help keep you on track, even if you get knocked down every once in awhile.

Below are some of my Grandma Phyllis’ fashion drawings:

Grandma Phyllis Fashion Drawing 2 Grandma Phyllis Fashion Drawing 3 Grandma Phyllis Fashion Drawing


Nerdy stitching

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Ever since learning how to cross stitch in middle school, I have always kept an eye out for fun patterns. I’m a casual cross stitcher, I tend to do it when the mood strikes me, however after finding Nerdy Little Stitcher on etsy I might just pick it up more seriously. The patterns that she designs are fabulously fun. Lots of nerdy sayings, fun puns and adorable critters. I love that she’s taking cross stitching and making it more relatable for the pop culture masses. Sure you can find fun and cute cross stitch patterns at the fabric store or craft store but you won’t find these. There are so many to choose from it was hard for me to pick some examples!

Don't trust atoms. They make up everything: funny chemistry cross-stitch pattern

I scream: cute ice cream cone cross-stitch pattern

You spin me round: cute stand mixer cross-stitch pattern

And if those are too cute for you, she also makes some anatomy patterns that are unbelivably detailed!

Human abdominal muscles: cool anatomy cross-stitch pattern

Please go check her out, she sells the patterns on her etsy site and they’re reasonably priced in my opinion. I love the fun, spunky creative flair of these patterns and I look forward to acquiring a few patterns to do on my own.

Here’s a link:

Dana 🙂

Painted slippers

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Hello all!

Today you’ll see an array of creative shoes! Who doesn’t love shoes? and these shoes are awesomely geeky. They are made by Heather Boykin of WhiskyFoxtrot on etsy. I stumbled across her shoes one day while looking for Doctor Who items, ever since then I’ve wanted to acquire a pair of her 10th Doctor shoes.

These Hobbit shoes are amazing!!

The Hobbit book cover handpainted shoes

For the Game of Thrones fans out there

Game of Thrones house sigil shoes

Heather is excellent at capturing the detail of the pop culture subjects she chooses to paint. The shoes she makes are custom made, considering the fact that you’d need to order a specific size. I love the unique quality of her hand painted shoes, you can’t just get these anywhere. You gotta admit having fun unique pieces to add to your wardrobe that represent your geeky side is awfully fun. Check out the rest of her shoes at:

Dana 🙂

P.s. Donna can also paint beautiful designs on shoes, she painted clownfish on my wedding shoes for me. I’ll have to post a pic of them later.