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Happy Mother’s Day to all the moms-to-be, dadmoms, moms of humans, and moms of non-humans! As my blog today will not be focused on Mothers Day, I encourage you to check out Nicole’s recent post for quick, last-minute gifts, PLUS a list of breakfasts to make for her… or yourself. I know you didn’t forget or anything, I’m just, you know, throwing it out there!

Now onwards into a magical land filled with Totoro aprons, TARDIS skirts, and Companion Cube kimonos! Yes, you read all of that correctly, I am talking about the amazing and original work of Darling Army.

The idea behind these designs was to create ‘girly girl’ outfits out of typically masculine cosplays. Not only does it achieve that goal, but they also provide an option for those who prefer to more modestly display their love for their favourite shows and characters.

The awesomeness is over 9000!  …I’m sorry, I had to.

The website is full of amazing work, all complimented by original commissioned artwork, like those in the Style Guide meant to show the many different ways the outfits can be worn.  It’s really great seeing crafters utilize the work of some of the amazing artists out there.

Darling Army also makes a full range of accessories that both compliment their costumes but also do a great job of adding a bit of fun to an everyday outfit.

Capelets, and earrings, and bows; oh my!

What I most love about these designs is that they’re so original and far from the hyper-accurate costumes that a lot of people go for, yet they retain the spirit of what they’re designed after. They give a new perspective on cosplay, allowing one to dress up as a catbus without needing to, say, employ people to act as the extra feet in the back.  Now if they could get that TARDIS skirt working like the real thing that’d be great, cause I’m going to need a few of these, like, yesterday.


– Shalyn

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