An Old Trade in the Modern Age

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When Star Trek was still being worked on, they were trying to think of a way to truly make it feel like the future. Someone on the staff got the ‘ah ha!’ moment with the decision to remove anything paper, because think about it; how often is paper involved in our lives? More likely than not, you handled something paper related today. Be a receipt or a note, or even the daily mail. Paper is everywhere and it has been for centuries. Now it can be said that we are starting the move towards that paperless future thanks to the increase in technology levels over the last few decades, but as someone who started out as a traditional medium artist, I will always have a soft spot for paper.

In honor of that, I want to highlight GatzBcn, who creates classic books with a modern style.

Slytherin Journal by GatzBcn

As an amateur book maker myself, I’m just in love with the care and detail she has put into her work. In the classics styles (like above) her sewn binding and color selections are just lovely, and she even has pieces that play with other book binding styles such as Japanese Book Binding, and Coptic.

Game of Thrones Journal (StarkII) by GatzBcn

You’ll find a wide range of styles in her gallery for not just how it was made, but also the theme of the design with her fan related and original works covering a wide range of tastes. Should you be in the need of a unique item for that artist/writer/journalist you know, I would heartily recommend giving her gallery or shop a look through.


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