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A new dawn, a new year, a way to cleanse ourselves of the guilt of our past mistakes by promising a brighter future. New Year’s Eve is like a public catharsis for shaking off the bad things that happened to us through the previous year, and what better way by making it a celebration filled with glitz and glam and sparkly things. One of the things I think we forget around this time of year, is how special you can make a party like that without breaking the bank.

Something that I love that you don’t see much outside of big galas is confetti. Big square confetti, small sparkly confetti, star confetti… I don’t care what shape it is, bring it on!  Though it may be a bit of a pain in the butt to clean up the next day, they are something that can make the midnight strike fun and exciting and just a little different from the norm. I’ve got two ideas for you that are super easy and super impressive. I’ve taken a tutorial here, from a Joyful Riot, which shows how to make breath powered confetti blowers. There’s even a download link so you can print the patterned horn cutouts on your computer. Otherwise, you’ll need paper (printer paper quality or better) with something to decorate them with. You’ll also need scissors, tape, tissue paper, a glue stick and whatever you’d like to make your confetti with.

First, I would cut your confetti. You can buy pre made confetti if you’d like from your local party or dollar stores. Or you can make confetti by cutting up some key ingredients. I’d say the best things to use are things that are light and easy to blow and easy to clean up.  Think cut up squares of tissue paper (use gold and silver and black for a beautiful effect and cut them no more than half an inch square), or a silver or gold hanging garland that can be cut into bits that will fly really easily. if you’re feeling ambitious and maybe aren’t doing the cleaning yourself, you can use a hole puncher to make your own, but… those things get EVERYWHERE!

Secondly, you’ll need to make your cones. You can print the template which is provided or you can make your own from a shape that looks vaguely similar to this to the right.  I wouldn’t really worry too much about getting the shape perfect. Just remember that changes to it will alter how it looks, but a lot of that can be altered by pulling your paper cone a little tighter or cutting it down.  What’s really nice is that this website has provided printable papers. I mean, not just the shape template, but patterned paper templates so that you don’t need to decorate them yourself if you don’t want to. You can. Don’t let this stop you, but you can download the paper packs here and spend ink rather than time.

When your paper is ready…

… you will need to cut out your cones and roll them. Tape them together so that the hole at the narrow end is wide enough to blow through. If it isn’t, don’t worry yourself too much. You can always cut the end off to make a bigger hole when you’re ready. These are really no-stress to make.  When your cones are sealed and won’t come apart, fill them with confetti. Don’t pack it in too hard or you may not have the breath to blow it all back out.

When you’ve filled your horns with beautiful, messy, floating confetti (I do really suggest cutting up tissue paper to use as that will float beautifully and will be really easy to blow), you will need to cut a small square of tissue – just enough to cover the open edge.  Use your gluestick to lightly apply some adhesive to the edges of the paper. you want this to hold the confetti in, but not actually be that sticky, so that the end will just pop off really easily when someone blows into it. After they’re dry… voila! You’re done and ready to party!

I like these because they’re so easy to do. There’s a second tutorial here for a hand operated confetti cannon done with a balloon as the fuel, but I’m not sure how well it would work and how easy it would be to put together, but it’s there for your perusal.

I hope that you have a great celebration and ring in the new year with joy and friends. I know I will be.

Happy New Year!

~ Megan

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