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Hello Sunday readers!

I’d like to start today’s post by asking, have you pledged on our fearless leader’s Indiegogo campaign yet? It’s the last day! Get thee to the campaign before it is too late! There are so many quilts/pillows/dice bags to be had!

Ok, now that you’ve done that, let’s talk a little bit more about another artist I came across at MAGfest last week: Cross’ Critters. If you love plushies like I do and let’s face it, I’m kind of a plushie hoarder, then Megan Cross has some critters for you!

So much plush goodness!

So much plush goodness!

I really admired her talent and innovation. Her needlecraft is truly a weird, wonderful work of art in this medium. She pulled me in with her fun takes on pop culture characters like the kitty Harley Quinn, the Hedgie Potter, or (my personal favorite) WhalePool.

CrossCritHarley  CrossCritHedgie  CrossCritWhalePool

The crowning glory, though, as you can tell by her lovely signage, are her Figments. These interesting little guys are monster plushies with their own backstory sprung directly from her very vivid imagination. They are each oddly cute in their slightly creepy own way.

CrossCritWalterFigment  CrossCritStellaFigment  CrossCritOllieFigment

Besides catching her at conventions throughout the year, Megan and her Figments can be found on her website, Etsy shop, Facebook, InstagramTumblr, and DeviantArt.

See you next Sunday when we’ll start thinking about Spring!



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