Gift Wrapping DIY style

All week I have been just going over ideas trying to think of one way to help others repurpose something for gifts or what not since we are just a few days away from the big day.   I thought about wrapping paper and gift bags and how much I feel like I am throwing money away…quite literally.   That’s when it hit me.  How do your wrap presents with items that can be reused?  It may seem logical, but it was staring me in the face when it finally it me this morning.

There are many ways to wrap presents and most people will think of newspaper.  That would work.  I watch children of friends regularly so I am realizing with young ones, their books are often ripped up.  If you have those books still laying around, you may want to consider using some of those pages for wrapping depending on the size of pages and present.  Today, a friend posted even how to reuse maps from a map book.
The primary focus I had with my gifts were homemade.   So why not make a homemade reusable gift container.   What I started doing today was taking some mini and small wooden crates that you can easily find in a craft store.  My dollar store didn’t have them but the mini ones were less than a dollar at my craft store.   I then painted and decorated them with a holiday theme.   Some I am still working on and decided staining would fit better with the gift or the person’s decorating theme in their home.  I took the person and the gift into account when creating this crates.   I decorated with snowflakes on blue painted crates as well for those who aren’t all that into Christmas.
You see mason jars often with cookie mixes especially around this time.   That is a classic and you can always switch it up with hot chocolate mixes or anything.  I am also filling oven mitts for a few of those just starting their cooking adventures as adults filled with some kitchen essentials like spices.   I took some hot tea sachets (in the packaging) and put them in fleece socks.   I found some aloe infused socks to also include things for a pedicure.  Don’t be scared to think outside the box.
Have fun and enjoy the Holidays!

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