Jewelry for the Audiophile

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I get teased about it often enough that I’ve often wondered if I’m an audiophile. Music just sticks with me and offers memory triggers that smell, the supposed strongest memory trigger, doesn’t. Then I remember I’m not crazy about sound purity like true audiophiles and let it go. ;P This jewelry still calls to me though.

UK Etsy artisan, BUGliveshere, recently opened up shop with a wonderful collection of handmade 925 solid silver charms and jewelry. The detail work is really quite stunning and it full fills those long held desires you may have had to wear a pair of vinyl records. 😉

Her work is just lovely and I highly recommend checking out her entire shop even if you aren’t an audiophile. Her La La Land collection is freaking adorable. 😀


The Basics of Print and DPI

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With convention season in full swing as of this weekend, many of my fellow artist & artisans will be working with paper for one reason or another for their products. Be it business cards and banners at shows or having your art printed out, it will effect us all in some way. Knowing how the image you see on your screen will look when printed it crucial to having a good finished product and I’ve found the perfect guide to share with you about it.

Printing Guide

Created by Kasandra Murray, this detailed guide goes into not just what settings you should be making your pieces at, but why. Even going into that scary world of RGB color VS CMYK. It’s incredibly informative and spot on with it’s info and I highly recommend giving it a read no matter your skill level. Knowing this type of information can help improve what you print yourself, as well as understanding what those companies/businesses that print your work need from you. Bookmark it and read it while you’re by the pool today.


A Puzzling Post

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When I was much younger and we weren’t being tossed out into the blazing sunshine of the day so the adults could have some peace, one activity we often spent time on was puzzles. I loved watching the pattern take shape and the satisfaction of fitting that last piece in place was always worth the effort. But times have definitely changed and it seems even puzzles can become more sophisticated. We were just getting to the era of 3D puzzles when I apparently decided there were other things to be doing but perhaps it’s time for me to reconsider and pick up the old hobby in favor of some very thought provoking, very beautiful pieces of art that also happen to be puzzles.

This puzzle is also great for meditation!

This puzzle is also great for meditation!

Many wood artists have become so creative with the intricacy they put into some of their puzzles. My favorites have quickly become the puzzles that spell out the name of animals while simultaneously looking like said animals!

A weasely difficult diversion?

A weasely difficult diversion?

I’ve been very impressed by those artists that incorporate the rather difficult puzzle forms into something I would have no trouble displaying in our home at all times.

The beauty of this is not at all puzzling.

The beauty of this is not at all puzzling.

Well, it looks like it’s actually turning into quite a beautiful day so I’ll save my own puzzles for one of the rainy ones and head on out to soak up some sun.

Have a great week and stay crafty!


Spring Fabrics

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Last week was Quilt Market in Salt Lake City.  Quilt Market is where all of the fabric manufacturers launch their new lines of fabric. This happens only twice a year.  One of my favorite fabric manufacturers, Camelot Fabrics released a lot of amazing fabrics I can’t wait to work with.  Their Licensed Collections are stunning.

fabric1 fabric2 fabric3 fabric4 fabric6 fabric7

I am super excited about some of these free projects as well!  The best thing about their new line is the Frozen coloring fabric.


The entire line of fabric lets you color it yourself!  There are a lot of choices of pens and markers that are permanent and can be washed.

I can’t wait to dive into these fabrics and create new quilts and pillows with them!


Wedding Streamera

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Good morning, Thursday readers.

As you may not yet know, I have just recently become engaged, which meant that a lot of decisions are going to be coming my way, and fast. So of course, I hopped to the internet to start looking at the basics, venues, food… but also some of the diy things that I would use or like to do for mine.

This is a nice DIY tutorial from Project Wedding that I thought was especially nice. Many venues don’t allow throwing rice or confetti, due to the health of the animals and clean up. And I can’t imagine my wedding without lots of colour and fun, so I’ve found a nice alternative that would give the splashes of colour without the mess.  These Kabuki streamers are so nice because you can customize the colours and they are inexpensive to make. They just take a bit of time.

Your materials are also super simple. You will need some crepe paper streamers in 3 coordinating colours, and these are easy to find. You can find them at a dollar store, craft store or a party store and they come in big rolls that are super inexpensive. You will need some coordinating paper – you can find some really nice stuff in wallpaper stores for a more wedding feel, but again, craft stores will have a great selection. You will also need some scissors, a needle and thick thread for attaching, a heavy paperweight and a small piece of tape or label to seal the project closed when it’s completed.  You can get some beautiful decorative tapes from your craft stores, so they can be finished beautifully!

So lay out all three colours of streamers and you will need to cut 25 inch long sections. You will need one cut length of each colour for each streamer package. Layer your streamers one on top of the other with all three colours and to make it easier, you can use a paperweight on one side or along the length to keep the ribbons from moving.



Your next step is to cut the streamers into thirds, along the length.. You will make two cuts vertically up the streamers to leave you with three skinny sections, and remember, all of these sections will be going into your streamer packages.
Cut decorative paper into 2×4 inch pieces to use for wrapping the streamers.
Using a needle thread, thick string through your paper and tie off twice to produce a small finger loop. This will allow your guests to slip on the package for good throwing grip. You could also use ribbon for this step if desired, and you could even use some hot glue to secure it to the paper rather than using a needle and thread.
use a bit of glue on the inside of the paper and attach one section (one of each colour) of the skinny paper ribbons next to the string/ribbon. You’ll need to repeat this for each set so that you’ve got 3 sets of streamers, or 9 in total.
Secure your streamer paper under a weight and working one section at a time roll up your streamers tightly toward the top. Roll each section separately and be sure to keep your streamers tight for small rolls. When you reach the end of one section, stick it under a paperweight while you roll the others so you don’t lose your work.
When all three sections are rolled up, you basically need to enclose them rolled in your decorative paper, and then seal it with tape or label.
When the time is right, your guests just need to break the label and start waving their hands wildly over their heads to celebrate and make waves of colour and noise without damaging birds or creating a disaster of glitter and confetti.

Sharing is Caring: Worbla Warriors

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Cosplay can be a lonely pursuit, with countless hours spent chained to a heatgun or a sewing machine on your own trying to create your own perfection. But more and more, I’m seeing efforts at creating a community that extends beyond conventions to help it become more of a true community.

I’ve talked about Anathiell before, and her efforts in building an Irish cosplay community, but she’s gone and stepped up her game. Meet the Worbla Warriors.

Every couple of months, Anathiell and talented artisans get together to pass along their skills and knowledge with Worbla, painting, LEDs and more over a weekend. Its an opportunity to learn new skills, up your current skills, and create a project for yourself to further your own knowledge. They are fun, informative, and open to any and all takers.

There are so many craft-specific tutorials and workshops out there, its great to see a cosplay specific one coming together. If you have any interest in learning thermoplastics, worbla, painting, LEDs, or anything else, get in contact with the Worbla Warriors and suggest something. Chances are, you’ll find what you’re looking for showing up in the next few months.

If there isn’t one in your area? Consider organising one yourself. Maybe you can teach a few sewing classes and get someone else to teach some Worbla ones. Perhaps you can teach how to put LEDs together, and someone else can help with the programming.

We’re all in this crafty thing together, and its more fun with others to paddle with.

~ eliste

Huge Yarn Balls for Giant Made Items

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Ever looked at an afghan and gone, “yeah, it’s nice and all, but I wish the stitches didn’t look so small.” Well, one Etsy user has your solution.

Ohhio, creates and sells 100% wool yarn balls, and the needles, with yarn that is so thick that each row is 2-3″ tall. I cannot imagine working with 40mm needles, but wow that blanket would be done crazy fast if you were good at it.

She makes a large variety of colors and has helpfully included info for how many skeins/balls you’d need to make certain projects either with her custom wooden needles, or by just using your arms! If I could find an equally sized crochet hook I’d be all over trying these. 😀 Just make sure that you pay attention to the delivery time when ordering. This artist lives in Ukraine and it can take several weeks to reach you. Basically plan now for all your holiday needs. 😉


DIY Kitty Kat Planters

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Since my part of the world doesn’t want to move on from spring, I figure it’s still fair game to share spring type projects. This is a particularly cute one from the folks over at brudiy.

Aren’t these adorable? 😀 They remind me a lot of the cats from the app game Neko-Atsume with their style design. Anyway, these are a very fun and cute venture to try out and the supplies list is surprisingly inexpensive. It’s as easy as plastic bottle, scissors, spray paint and permanent/paint markers.

Once the base is made and decorated, simply fill with soil/rocks per your plant’s needs before re-potting the plant on top. You can even turn it into a hanging planter with just some holes and string. ^_^ Definitely a fun project if you’re stuck inside from the rain like I am, and you can find the full image walk thru here on brudiy.


A Study in Cute

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Surprise, surprise! I’m back at a convention this weekend. This time, though, I am but a humble attendee. Anime Central (or ACEN as it’s generally referred to) took place in Rosemont, IL this weekend and as it is really the first convention I’d ever been dragged to (8 years ago) it holds a special place in my heart. As you know if you follow my Sunday posts, I love cute little plushies and let me tell you, ACEN is just full of cute fuzzy plushie goodness! I’ve been following Geeky Cute Crochet for a while now but this year I got to bring home an adorable little friend from the artist’s army of squeezable dragons.

Look at his itty bitty horns and boop-able snoot!

Look at his itty bitty horns and boop-able snoot!

Juliette, the creator of these and many other charming (and quite small) crochet darlings has a little something for everyone, including some fandom critters.

Wouldn't you just love to plant these little guys in the garden of your heart?

Wouldn’t you just love to plant these little guys in the garden of your heart?

I am very impressed by her skill and versatility…plus they all are just REALLY stinking cute!

I mean, who WOULDN'T want to snap this right up?

I mean, who WOULDN’T want to snap this right up?

She has also begun to offer other crafty goodies like cross stitch hoops with a-dorkable sayings on them but truly, her business is obviously not just a clever name. To get your cute fix, Geeky Cute Crochet can be found on Etsy, Facebook, and Tumblr.

Hope you have a great week and we’ll see you next Sunday.

Stay crafty!


Stained glass Quilts – Finishing

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The past four weeks I talked about Joni Newman and her super easy stained glass quilt technique.  (Don’t forget you can buy her patterns on line or ask a quilt store near you to carry her patterns).

I decided I wanted something that truly shows Canada in my quilt, so I chose her Majestic Moose pattern.


I have shown you how I made the quilt top, so now I will show you how I finished it off.

The first step was to pin it.  When I assemble my quilts, I tape the backing to the ground, smooth the batting over it, then place the top.  I use quilting curved safety pins to hold it in place.  I always decide how I want to quilt it before pinning it so I don’t hit the pins with my sewing needle.


Next is the quilting.  For this quilt I decided to use black thread.  I quilted some of the black areas inside the quilt and meandered around the border.


After removing the pins and trimming the edges, it was time to bind it.  I make all of my own binding and add it on using my machine.


I am pretty happy with the finished product.  Even though  I made quite a few mistakes, it is hard to tell with the finished product.  I have learned when you make mistakes in your crafts, it is important not to give up and just incorporate those mistakes in the finished product.  Make it look like you did it on purpose!