Artist Alley: FanBoy Glass

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My last interview I wanted to feature was FanBoy glass.  Unfortunately, I was borrowing a camera from a friend ( I left mine in Canada) and had some technical difficulties.  At first it cut off part of the interview, and then it deleted it.  I promise the next time I see them at a convention I will interview them again.

In the mean time, I still want to share the glassware they make.  I met FanBoy glass a few years ago at Magfest and fell in love with their designs.



That is just a sampling of the glassware they offer.  I wasn’t aware they also made glass pendants.  I hadn’t seen them at Magfest before so was pleasantly surprised when I saw them on their website.


If you would like to see all of the glass they offer, check out their Website here and their Facebook here.

I hate not having a video for you since that is what I have been featuring on Saturdays, so here is the Crafty Thinking panel I did at Capricon two weeks ago.  Don’t forget to follow our You Tube channel to see whenever we upload videos!



Artist Alley: Cute Parade

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I love when I visit a fellow Crafter’s site and I see “Everything from Cute Parade is 100% made by hand and no two items are exactly alike. They’re not just fashion accessories but individual works of art.”  This.  This is what crafting means to me and what I want the world to know.  Cute Parade is a creator of fashion accessories perfect for fairy kei, lolita, and other street fashion.

But they don’t just make fashion accessories.  I am a sucker for plush that are not only cute, but made really well.

Those plush are all created individually by hand!  She also makes all sorts of accessories that many different people would love (including me).

If you want to see the entire Cute Parade line, check out her website here, her Etsy here, Facebook here, Twitter here, and Deviant Art here.


The Theme of Your Game Things

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As many of you that game out there will know, Nintendo recently launched their updated version of their popular 3DS system. As they often do with these kinds of things, along with basic editions were special ones. I personally would’ve loved to get my hands on their Major’s Mask edition due to my love of the Zelda series, but they sold out crazy fast and I just shrugged and did what I always do when that happens. I went looking for a way to make mine more custom.

Hylian Shield Deco by Game Themed Things

I knew back during Magfest that I would be getting one of the new systems and I was so happy to see Game Themed Things was there to fill my need. I love vinyl decorations for their durability and long life already but this couple takes the hobby to a whole other level with their designs. Never before have I seen so many custom creations with layers and layers of color like their. Like Pokemon? Want to turn your 3DS into a pokedex? They’ve got you covered!

Pokedex Vinyl Decal by Game Themed Things

They have hundreds of design up in their shop covering a crazy wide range of designs to suit your needs. Even then if you don’t see what you want they are more than happy to make you up a custom one, and they’re fast. When I went to get one at Magfest I worried I wouldn’t get what I wanted as it was Sunday and they had likely sold down on stock but, nope! They custom made mine right on the spot in minutes. That’s awesome. You won’t regret giving their shop a look through. 🙂


Found Things

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I’ve always liked the idea of working with things you just happen to find. I’ve dabbled in it, as I find the idea of re-using objects in today’s world appealing, but today’s highlight comes from someone who takes the idea to art.

Jane Perkins is a UK artist who, in her own words, is a ‘re-maker.’ She uses found objects and creates them into something completely new.

I can’t get over the creativity and use of colour in her work. Its like patchwork quilt colour work combined with the most incredible pieces. I always feel like I’m looking at a multi-layer creation that feels like a scavenger hunt. Her work would be intriguing and beautiful as is, but then she goes and recreates works of art too like this:

I just can’t get over how gorgeous her work is.

Jane’s work is now predominantly in plastics, but she sells prints of her works as well. You can follow her on her blog or official website.

~ eliste

Favourite Hat Project?

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Today, I’m going to continue on with the theme of hats since it’s not getting any warmer outside.  Instead of finding your favourite to purchase, if you’re a crafter like I am, you may wish to make your favourite hat!  So I’m going to share with you some of the best/most fun patterns I’ve come across so you can knit your own hat.

The Foliage Hat from Irina Dmitrieva is a beauty.  The leaves in the pattern are so distinctive that with the right wool, this becomes a hat of art!


Are you looking for a classic hat with a touch of gorgeous?  Then the Lucy Hat from Carina Spencer is right for you!  It’s hard to believe that this is even hand crafted!


The Swirl Hat from Mandie Harrington is an awesome design created by an easy knit!


Do you have a little bit of animal in you?  Or you just feel like being whimsical?  This deer with antlers hat from Tiny Owl Knits may be just the thing for you!  It’s so cute!


In a world where the slouchy hat is becoming increasingly popular, maybe this is what you’re looking for!  If you want a slouchy hat with a bit more “oompf”, you should look at this Quick Cable Slouch Hat from Azure Knits.  I think the title says it all!


Finally, are you looking for a hat for the man in your life?  Or wanted something simple for yourself?  How about this Jacques Cousteau hat from Lalla Designs?  With a bit of a twist in the design, this simple hat is also interesting!


So?  Are you feeling motivated yet?  Get out those sticks and start knitting!

– Lindsay

Favourite Hat?

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Do you guys have a favourite hat?  One you don’t want to leave home without?

I’m a bit of a goof because as much as I know I *should* wear a hat in winter, I don’t…  I mean I do live in Canada afterall!!  But alas…  With it getting colder and colder outside in Southern Ontario, I feel like more and more of a fool when I leave the house without one.

Today’s post is meant to add a bit of encouragement to people like me.  If I can find a hat I love, surely I’ll want to wear it!  Surely I will!  I’m going to feature Canadian made hats exclusively today because brrrrr….

I’m going to start with the gorgeous choice out of the bunch.  Pure classic touch with the Felted Cloche Hat by JulieSindon.


KnitsbyNat has so many of my favourites that it was hard to choose so I didn’t!  Here’s a few of the ones that I love.  The Avocado Green Lace Beanie, the Lace Striped Slouchy Hat and the Beehive Beret.

il_570xN.456007348_n6oc  il_570xN.674845108_9hlu  il_570xN.644543155_esm0

KetisCrochet gives us a unisex or man version of a baseketweave beanie!  Be sure to check out this store for lots of adorable options for kids!


The Twist Me Beret from BiKayBoutique looks warm and pretty!


Finally, this slouchy hat from RoklandeFashionShop seems so incredibly cozy that I can’t imagine being cold again!


So, if you’re like me are are too “cool” to wear hats, smarten up!  Find your favourite and save your poor ears from the cold!!  🙂

– Lindsay

Artist Alley: Kimchi Kawaii

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Every now and then I run across a form of crafting that I haven’t seen before.  Turning your boring old phone case into an exciting creative one is something I haven’t seen before.  I was really interested when I saw what Holly could create.


She also makes some fantastic rings and cake boxes.


If you would like to check out her fantastic hand made items, look at the Frosted Fleur de Lis Accessories on her website.  If you want to see her other products or talent check out her Deviant Art page and her Pintrest.


Artist Alley: Shlii Kawaii Designer Toys

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Another artist from the group Artist Alley International is Shlii. She is a super sweet lady that makes her own hand sewn plushies!

Chibi Pabu Plush by Shlii

Yeticrn Plush by Shlii

Jackie is the sole creator/artist for her shop and spends most of her time slaving away on her sewing machine to make these cute little guys. All of her plush are drawn and designed by her as well, and she has even turned her cleaned up sketches into super cute jewelry pieces!

Bracelet/Necklace Charm by Shlii

I love that she uses wood printing for her charms as well since it’s not a material I often see at conventions. Shrinky Dink plastic is hands down the winner more often than not, but there’s just something much more charming about it being wooden. These are just some of the wonderful hand made creations she has and I highly recommend you give her site a look and her Facebook page a look at  She keeps regular blog posts about her work, including interviews and sneak peaks about her upcoming creations. 🙂  Or if you would like to see her creations in person you can find her at a convention or even in a store.


Illustrated Books (but not for reading)

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I’d decided to take a break from book makers a few months back as most of the design I was coming across were technically sound of course, the majority of them were simple binding and basic covers. I’m happy to say that this clever crafter has broken that streak.

Coraline Inspired Book by Vanyanie

How deliciously beautiful and creepy is that? All the little extra details like the sewn binding and button for a built in bookmark? I love it. 😀

Vanyanie has found a way to really put their mark on the books they make with all of these little details. The majority of their gallery contains books with simple designs and covers but they really goes the extra mile in their details. The majority of their pages are custom printed with lines and marking that compliment the overall design/theme they’re chosen.

Steampunk Bound Journal by Vanyanie

If they’re not already running the con circuit in Germany/Europe then they need to be. Their work is so well done and you should definitely check out more of it.