Quilt Block of the Month – Block 5

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Welcome to the Craft Hackers Quilt a Long (courtesy of fab shop hop!)

The fourth block will be Clay’s Choice.


This is an intermediate level quilt. If you don’t have a lot of basic quilting skills you probably don’t want to attempt this quilt or you may get frustrated. The quilt a long will stay posted so if you are learning to quilt you can always come back and join at any time, even if we are finished!  Please post your squares as you finish them so we can cheer you along!

Even though I am posting a square a month I don’t want anyone to feel pressured that you must finish the block within a month. This is a relaxed quilt a long that you can complete at your own pace. Although anyone finishing their quilt during the quilt a long time will be featured in a special blog.

The finished dimensions are 72″ by 72″.

Just to remind you, here is the finished pattern:

So to get the pattern for Clay’s Choice, head over to the forums and pick it up here:



Chris Smart Photography

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Drawing inspiration from the people and streets of Toronto and southern Ontario, Chris of Chris Smart Photography finds beauty in the most unlikely places.

Chris has worked in the video game industry for over a decade as an artist but photography has always been his passion.  And now he is sharing that passion with us.  I find that I’m inspired by Chris’ work.  His photography varies from:

Industrial decay




City Scenery and Architecture

10891831_587907771343157_7156735154298541952_n 10347227_526316887502246_77580021715641363_n

And especially Fashion


Chris has an ability to draw us into his world and honestly, I could spend hours just staring at some of his photographs.  I bought the icicle lamp photo that I posted above and I intend to put it in a place of honour so I can look at it everyday!

There are many ways you can keep up to date on Chris’ work – through his Facebook page, his blog, etsy store, twitter or instagram.  Be sure to check him out!

– Lindsay

Disney Cross Stitch

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John Lohman has done it again!  After his last fantastic Star Trek Cross-Stitch book, John wrote another book!  This one is on Disney Classic Cross Stitch!!

box01 box07

Unlike the last, this book is actually a kit!!  Inside are patterns for 12 different projects and materials to make two of the ones in the book!

John created a number of the patterns in the book but also enlisted the help of a few Sprite Stitch members, including myself!  Not to toot my own horn or anything!!  🙂  I’ll give you a peek at what I worked on.  I created the pattern of the Cinderella carriage and I cross-stitched the pattern of the Sleeping Beauty Castle that John made!  Now to find a frame for it…

IMG_20141224_182459345 IMG_20141224_182608 IMG_20141224_182845 (1)

This kit is available instore and online at Barnes & Noble.  Be sure to pick up your kit today for all the Disney cross-stitch lovers in your life!!

– Lindsay

Paper Craft Dolls

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With all the wrapping paper being tossed around lately I’ve been in a very paper minded mood, so I thought I’d share smilerobinson’s unique take on the papercraft doll.

Dragon Quest Heros

As a gluten for detail in my own work, these little guys really speak to me in ways that the typical boxy paper dolls don’t. I love the way this artist brings these characters to life by including their personal clothes, weapons and even layering their hair to give it more depth! 😀

Howl’s Moving Castle Cast

Very Generously, smilerobinson has slowly been offering templates of their creations ~for free~ to download on DA. So if you’re looking for something cute to make while you whittle down the hours this new year’s eve, why not give paper crafting a try with some of these. ^_^

Have a safe and Happy New Year! I look forward to another craft filled one with all you lovely people. ^_^


Looking to the Future

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I always use the week before New Years to look back upon the year and make plans for the upcoming year.  I have been doing this all of December and not just this week though.  You may notice a few different things at the top of the page.  I have had readers ask about current members and how to find them so the first addition is a list of current members along with their information so you can easily find them.  So please take a look at our members and their sites.  I know they have been working hard on them the last few months.

The second thing I did was to include a master list of upcoming conventions so you can plan to visit our members in person.  You may also notice that I will personally be doing a lot of conventions this year including C2E2, New York Comic Con, and a couple Wizard Worlds.  I wanted to bring Craft Hackers and the Crafty thinking panel to as many new conventions as possible.  If you would like me to bring Craft Hackers to a convention near you, just let me know and I will consider it for 2016.

I will constantly update these two new pages with the most current information.  If you are a current member and don’t see your information listed, be sure to visit the member section of the forums to update everything.  I am always recruiting new members for Craft Hackers as well.  If you are interested in expanding or starting a business based on a hobby you love, take a look at the become a section above.

The next step in Craft Hackers is an exciting one.  I am working with crafters and artists to create you tube tutorials on all sorts of interesting stuff.  Is there anything you would like to see?  Let us know!  When the You Tube channel officially launches I will bookmark it above and let you know when there are new and exciting videos to watch.

So here is to an exciting New Year full of opportunity and hope.


Kickstarter Feature: Chain Reaction

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Today’s Kickstarter feature is Chain Reaction.  They embody everything we try to promote in Craft Hackers and our members.

From their Kickstarter page:

Our goals for this Kickstarter campaign are to purchase a Ringinator and a niobium and titanium anodizer.We will also launch a professionally designed web site and purchase supplies to support our increased production capacity.

There are all sorts of great rewards you can get.  Some of them include:

  • Backers that contribute $10 will receive a chainmail and scale keychain made with anodized aluminum in their choice of colors.
  • Backers contributing $20 will receive their choice of a large barrette or a pair of chain maille heart earrings or a European 4in1 bracelet in anodized or bright aluminum.
  • Backers contributing $25 will receive a bracelet handmade by me or my daughter. The bracelet can be anodized aluminum and/or base metal, in your choice of colors. The weaves offered at this level are Helm Weave, Half Persian 3in1, or Spiral.

If you would like to support a business just starting up, please visit them at their Kick Starter.



Unique Gingerbread Houses

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In homage to the Mario Castle gingerbread house I posted last week, here are a couple more pretty awesome ones from around the web.

Goodies by Anna created this amazing detailed house.


Biscuiteers created an amazing view of London’s lost and un-built architecture created entirely from gingerbread.


Finally, Totally Tikka created this replica gingerbread house of George Washington’s Mount Vernon home.



Final Touches

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I’ve shared with you some of my favourite ornaments and wreaths.  Now it’s time to get to the final touches of Christmas day – the stocking!

No matter what the style of your family members, Yards & Yards have the stocking for you…and them!  These Christmas stockings are unique, high-quality, fully lined and some in awesome colours and fabrics!  Just perfect to fill them up with lots of goodies!

Are you looking for Country Boutique?  Cool Christmas?  Modern Holiday? Or Victorian Christmas?  There are lots of styles to choose from!  You can even pick any 3, 4, 6 or 10 stockings for a discounted price!

il_570xN.646664351_r0jf il_570xN.457106189_13e4 il_570xN.651421393_lc58 il_570xN.654842860_4qy1

Anna from Yards & Yards also sells purse patterns!


Be sure to check out Yards & Yards the next time you’re looking for a stocking for you or your family!  You can also check out her facebook page for even more!

– Lindsay

Wreaths for the Holidays

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As I’m thinking about decorating for the holidays (I know I am very late in doing so), I was wandering around the internet trying to find the perfect wreath for my door.  I stumbled across Burlap Blooms and was stunned!

These burlap and fabric wreaths made by Rachel are amazing!  The attention to detail and the perfect perfect amount of layers and colours make these a must have to add to your decorations, this season or any other!  Check out what she has to offer!

First, we have the chevron burlap Christmas wreath.  Or the year round burlap wreath.  Or one of my favourites – the fall wreath.

il_570xN.677583145_rcb4 il_570xN.611007309_e134 il_570xN.501841306_jywf

Burlap Blooms welcomes custom orders, changing around the colour of ribbon on a particular wreath or there is even a section of their etsy shop where you can purchase interchangeable blooms!!

I don’t think you could ever be disappointed in one of these creations!  You can also check them out on facebook!

I hope you’re all further ahead in your decorating than I am!!

– Lindsay