DIY Bird Feeder

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It has been a few weeks since I posted a DIY, so here is one for Birdfeeders!

The first place I started was on Do It  They have 2 bird feeders you can make, one for hummingbirds and one for Wrens.

DIY Dreamer made a post with 20 unique bird feeders that look amazing.


And lastly, Sara, a member of the Lowe’s creative team, posted a tutorial on these awesome feeders that use paint cans.

So get out there, get crafty and enjoy the birds before the start to leave for the winter!


Stitch N Clay

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The first person to expose me to clay charms for earrings and necklaces is Jackie from Stitch n Clay.  You can thank her for my obsession for little clay trinkets.  I absolutely love everything she makes and seeing her table at Con Bravo did not disappoint me.  I bought quite a few pairs of her earrings and can’t wait to wear them!  Take a look at some of her awesome creations.



She also creates cute cross stitch creations.  If you would like to see more of her work her etsy can be found here and her facebook can be found here.


Render Issues

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I have seen a few artists that give life to your favorite video games on canvas at many conventions.  There are a few that are well done, some that you can see the lines underneath, and some that are different by adding new and interesting elements to the paintings.  Render Issues paints on canvas and that is it.  That is all he needs to do because what he creates is amazing, detailed, and wants to bring me back to my childhood.  His paintings are very crisply done and you can’t see any pencil lines under the paint which to me shows how much of an artist he really is.



He doesn’t have a website or etsy store where you can buy his paintings, but he does take commissions!  If you want to see his entire body of work so far or would like to commission a painting you can see his Facebook page at


Turbo Toaster

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Kat is a cartoonist I met at Con Bravo, but I didn’t meet her because of her cartooning.  I met her because of her wood chests with carvings in them.  Take a look at these chests and you will see why I stopped by her table:



The attention to detail blows me away with what she is able to do with painting and woodcarving.  If you like these boxes, take a look at her etsy shop over here.  Or if you would like to see some of her comic work, you can see her site at


Oh My Geekness

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I have said quite a few times I am a sucker for handmade jewelry.  I absolutely love the craftsmanship that goes into every piece.  So when I saw Oh My Geekness at Con Bravo the quality and uniqueness of the jewelry stood out to me.  Jess Firsoff sells her jewelry pieces on line as well as conventions in Ontario.  She has been featured on many sites including Kotaku.

Take a look at some of her different and unique jewelry.



The hoverboard is a replica of the one from Back to the Future!  Not only does she make high quality, interesting jewelry, but she also creates pieces from all areas of video game, comic book, and pop culture.

Check out her etsy store here, and her facebook here.


Suit Up

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I know I’ve mentioned before how much I’d love to give cosplay a go, but how I need to find a character first. A friend of mine already has his character picked out (Dart from Legend of Dragoon), but is unsure how to make the armor. I may have found someone who can help him out…

Carapace Bracers by swanboy

Swanboy is a leather workers, and his work is just gorgeous. It’s all authentic pieces (no foam core or light substitutes) so you’ll have to wear the weight with it, but the look is worth it I’d say. Most of his pieces seem to be original designs, but he also does some amazing cosplay stuff as well.

NCR Ranger Armor by swanboy

He’s been a member of DA for 9 years now, but you can also find his work on his etsy shop should you be in the need for some quality leather armor. ^_^


Prouse Pottery & Soap

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One of the places I love to visit when I am in Hamilton is Prouse Pottery & Soap Co.  They carry a line of fantastic pottery as well as a range of handcrafted soap that use high quality all natural ingredients.

They bring their pottery and soaps to a wide range of convention in Ontario.  Their next big convention is Fan Expo in Toronto.  So if you visit Fan Expo make sure you stop by their booth.

What really blows me away about their shop is their support of artists through their League of Extraordinary Artisans.  It is a group of Crafty individuals who bring their talents and creations to their shop.  These works of art include photography, jewelry, paintings, sculpture, knits, preserves, candles, geekery, and much much more!  I could spend hours just browing their store.  So if you are ever in Ontario it is worth a visit to Hamilton just to see the Prouse Pottery shop in person.  You will be glad you did.


Soap for the clean nerd

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In another one of my wandering on Etsy, I came across this excellent store. You know those fun shaped decorative soaps that people sometimes put in their bathrooms? The ones that look too pretty to use? Yeah I just found the nerdy equivalent. Check out Chrystal Doucette’s shop Digital Soaps on Etsy ( These soaps are amazing and leave me wondering just how she makes or finds the molds to make the soaps.

Dragonball soaps

These are made as surprise inside pokeball soaps 🙂

SOAP Pokeball With Toy Inside, Surprise Gashapon

Then there are her game cartridge soaps

SOAP Gameboy cartridge parody with case, energy citrus scented, Kirby's Dreamland title

There are so many more where those came from and they’re all as equally fun. Chrystal comes up with some really fun soaps and helpfully lists the ingredients in her soap. This is nice for those who may have sensitivities. Perhaps I’ll add some of these adorable soaps to my powder room so guests can see my nerdiness.



D&W Designs

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We had such an awesome time at Con Bravo over the weekend.  I loved meeting new people and seeing old friends.  Over the next few weeks I am going to talk about some of the new awesome crafters I met and chatted with and want to introduce you to.

The first set of crafters are Devon Martin and Wiley Brooks-Joiner.  I have seen many different types of jewelry being sold at conventions and on line, but I believe these two have created a very unique product.  Together they are D&W Designs and they combine art and design with the quality of industrial manufacturing.  They use an industrial laser cutter to create their products from a high quality recycled steel that is tumble finished and powder coated.

Take a look at some of their amazing jewelry I got to see first hand (it is even more impressive when you can see it).



Take a look at their etsy store here to see some of their products:


Con Bravo Wrap Up

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Nicole, Marc and I had  fantastic time at Con Bravo this weekend.  Thank you to everyone that stopped by our tables and said hi.

photo 1 photo 1

Con Bravo always offers amazing cosplay and this weekend was no exception.  Take a look at some of the amazing costumes we saw.

IMG_20140719_134840932   photo 2 photo 3


Everyone was also very generous with the charity auction and they raised almost $1500!!

photo 5

Thanks for such a great time everyone, can’t wait for next year!