DIY Independence Day

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I couldn’t forget the 4th of July in the States!  Here are some great DIY crafts to do for Independence Day.

Tori posted an easy tutorial on how to make a t-shirt with a US flag on it that is also fun to make.

This red, white, and blue banner would make a great decor addition to your home or party.

Her Good Life has 5 awesome 4th of July dessert ideas including a cake that has the American flag baked right in!


DIY Canada Day

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July 1st is Canada day and if you live in Canada you may be looking at crafts to do on Tuesday.  So here are a few crafts you can do yourself or with kids for Canada Day.

Nicole posted an easy tutorial on how to make a t-shirt with a Canada flag on it that is also fun to make.

This Canada Day banner took Rebecca only 30 minutes to make and would be a great decor addition to your home or party.

Finally I found a recipe for a 5 layer Jello on Food Librarian.  They have it posted for Valentine’s day, but it is a red and white striped recipe that would be perfect for Canada Day!  I think I may make this for the barbeque I am going to on Tuesday.



A Prop Closet All Your Own

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While I have gone on about my lack of sewing skill, I do enjoy using my other crafting abilities to create props or recreation pieces. My shop and convention schedule keeps me from having the time to really go crazy like I used to, so instead, I’ll just show off this amazing artist’s skill. ^_^

Ebony Dagger by ryoshi-un

Ryoshi-un has a beautiful gallery that is filled with high quality replicas to simple weathering examples and miniatures. I was so happy to stumble upon his work on deviantart this week so I could share it with everyone. He was even kind enough to show how he goes about creating a piece with his Goonies Key replica. Would that I had the time and resources…my house would be filled with this stuff, lol.

Copperbones Key Replica by ryoshi-un

I also love his Vampire Slayer Kit and Zombie Walk costumes. The later of which he design just for himself and his significant other. ^_^


DIY with your kids

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Here in Ontario it is the last day of school.  I know that seems late to those in the States, but here school doesn’t start until after Labor day and they have more holidays during the school year, so kids get out later.  It got me thinking that all of these kids are going to be home starting tomorrow and they need something to occupy their time.  So here are a few cool DIY projects you can do with them (and get rid of some of those “crafty” things around the house).

Perler Bead Placemats

I saw this tutorial and thought it was a fantastic idea.  I have all sorts of perler beads hanging around my house and want to get rid of them.  This is a perfect solution!

Check out the tutorial over at Meaningful Mama.

Homemade Snow Globes

Yes, you too can make your own snow globe!  I have seen the kits and the pieces at Michaels, and even made a few simple ones at Christmas, but this tutorial uses items around your house and makes it look easy to create a completely unique snow globe.

Courtesy of

And lastly, who doesn’t like painting on the sidewalk?  Here is a great recipe for Sidewalk Paint found at


Adventures in baking :-)

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After seeing Toni’s post about the glow in the dark cake it inspired me to try a baking technique I’ve been wanting to do for awhile. I also really wanted to break in my new Kitchen Aid.

Lucky for me an opportunity arose when a friend of mine invited me over for an evening. I happened to have the day off before the evening get together so I decided to break out the baking supplies. Since I’ve got another friend who’d be there who has Celiacs, I decided I’d try my hand a gluten free baking. I opted for a King Arthur brand gluten free cake mix, figuring it would be easier than making it from scratch.

Well I mixed up that cake batter so I could do the baking technique I wanted to try. This would be making a rainbow cake! I’d seen a few youtube videos about making rainbow cakes and was just itching to try it out.

So here we have the batter (it’s important to start with a white or yellow cake batter) all mixed with food coloring, I used McCormick brand because it is gluten free:


Ready to go in the oven! Just put approx half a spoonful of each color in the cupcake liners, till it’s about half full.


Baked! How fun are these!?


I finished off the cupcakes with a made from scratch orange flavored buttercream icing, they are delicious!


If you would like to make your own rainbow cakes, check out My Cupcake Addiction on youtube ( She has a handful of videos for making rainbow layer cakes, cake pops, and cupcakes.

Have fun with it!



DIY Wedding Ideas

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With one of my sisters having just gotten married this past weekend, I have been awash in designs and ideas on how to pull together a great looking wedding while still saving money. She chose a rustic/outdoors wedding theme, and it definitely lent it’s self to the crafty minded. One website that provided oodles of inspiration was Rustic Wedding Chic. They have a small (but growing!) collection of images from other do it yourself weddings, as well as tutorials and suggestions to help you plan your own. ^_^ My sister took lots of tips from their DIY wedding bar, as it also included a calculator that helped keep her from buying too much alcohol.

While the partner site to this one doesn’t feature the tutorials that Rustic Wedding Chic does, Preppy Wedding Style did provide me with several ideas that I used at my own wedding last year to create a simple elegant wedding on a DIY budget with it’s fantastic images and color pallet suggestions.

I could go on and on here, but I wanted to highlight two great resources to get any future brides started. I’ll save specific sections for another day. 😉

Learn to Quilt Tutorial

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Many people don’t know I offer one on one quilting lessons through Skype to help design quilts, learn new quilting techniques, or help to finish off a quilt.  But most people don’t want to pay for private quilting lessons to just learn the basics of learning to quilt.  So I send them off to the internet to learn the basics first, then I help them refine those basics and learn more intermediate skills.  If you have ever been interested in quilting, then here are some of the videos and sites I recommend that have some great easy and basic patterns with step by step tutorials.

Basic Block quilt video with tutorial

Take classes at Joann Fabrics – This is where I learned the basics of quilting.

And then there is my favorite, favorite place for super easy to follow beginner patterns, quilt in a day.  This site and series of videos and books are fantastic to learn a lot of beginner techniques like which way to iron your seams.

So if you have ever thought of quilting, I hope this helps you get started!


Playing with computers!

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Recently I acquired 11 old computer keyboards and thought to myself, what can I do with these? Well I had seen a video by Rosanna Pansino on you tube (she has a show called Nerdy Nummies, its awesome!) where she made keyboard key magnets. So I decided to pop some keys off the boards and make some magnets, which are really cute. Here’s a link to the video:

This is how they turned out:

Keyboard Magnet (1 of 1) Keyboard Magnet 3 (1 of 1)

This inspired me to see what else one can do with old computer keyboards. So I looked around and found a few fun things such as:

Compy keyboard clock A wall clock, this is made by Screaming Monkey Circus on etsy, you can find his shop here:

Key push pins Keyboard keys push pins, I found this at:

Keyboard Lamp And a lamp from the innards of the keyboard, found at

There are many more from where those examples came from. Now I’m looking forward to making more fun things with these keyboard keys. I’m hoping to try and make the lamp because I think that is really cool. These are definitely some projects I hope to try and do in the near future. Especially because it is a great way to recycle things that aren’t being used anymore, yay for up-cycling! 🙂


Make a Glow in the Dark Cake

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I had a customer come in to Michael’s today to get some different glow stick products to decorate her Glow in the Dark cake.  Yes I said she had a Glow in the Dark cake.  I asked her how that was possible and she proceeded to tell me.

It isn’t a true Glow in the Dark, but it does glow under a black light, so it is pretty darn cool.  It is also edible.  When you are ready to make the icing make sure you have a black light with you to test the glow.  The trick is to use tonic water when you mix your icing to decorate.  Add two tbsp of tonic water to a can of store bought icing (see below for a homemade icing recipe).  Test the glow to see if it is strong enough for you.  If not, add more tonic water.  If you use too much tonic water than your cake icing could have a bitter taste, so make sure you are tasting the icing as you are mixing so you don’t put too much in.

Make your own icing: (courtesy of Ehow): Beat together 1/2 cup shortening and one stick softened butter in a mixing bowl. Add 4 cups of confectioners’ sugar, 1 tsp. vanilla extract and 2 tbsp. tonic water. Stir everything together until the frosting has a uniform texture and consistency. This will produce frosting that emits a light blue glow under a black light. If you want to increase the glow, double the amount of tonic water and add enough additional confectioners’ sugar to thicken the frosting to your desired consistency. Add food coloring to the frosting if you wish but remember that the frosting will glow blue regardless of what color it is in regular light.


So have fun making your own glow in the dark creation!


Semi Sweet Shoppe

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I have said before I absolutely love clay art and miniatures.  I am always on the look for talent with clay to add to my collection.  I found Semi Sweet Shoppe today and was amazed at the talent she has for miniatures.  Specializing in sweets, these miniatures are so lifelike they are just good enough to eat!  But trust me, you wouldn’t want to.



Her prices are lower than any I have seen for miniatures.  Starting at just $5 the most expensive item in her Etsy shop is just $12 USD.  In addition to earrings, pendants, and rings she also offers hair bows and cute decorative boxes.  Check out her Deviant Art here: and her Etsy shop here: