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Stained Glass is an art that has been around for at least a thousand years.  Some of the most beautiful stained glass that I have seen adorns churches.  SenatorMars creates beautiful stained glass, but with a more modern touch.  I saw his Master Chief stained glass when it circled the internet a few months ago.

That isn’t his only impressive piece though.  When I look through his Deviant Art gallery I am just blown away with the craftsmanship that he puts into each and every piece.  There isn’t a single piece that doesn’t make me want it.  For example:


Isn’t it just amazing?  If you would like to see more of his work, check out his Deviant Art or his Facebook.

Superhero Dad Key Chain

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With Father’s Day coming up right around the corner, I am always looking for an amazing and different gift for my dad.  He raised my sister and I by himself for several years, so this day means a lot to me.  Although my dad cannot stand getting gifts of any kind, I still try to find something unique.  Well this year I found an amazing Etsy shop that creates superhero key chains for dads.  Brisydan Handy 

Fathers Day Key Fob Key Chain BATMAN OUR HERO  Our Hero Bat Shape Great Gift Idea for Dad, Father, Grandpa, Uncle, Brother Loved One Gift

Fathers Day Gift for Dad Superhero You are my super hero Hand Stamped Copper Bat Man Batman Key Chain  Magnet Key Fob Brother Grandpa Friend

And just in case my link above did not work 😉

Please remember to take this day to remember your farther or the person who raised you.  Without them you would not be the person you are today.


AG Styles

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I am a sucker for clay/sculpted items.  I seem to be obsessed with hand made sculpted earrings that I can wear and try to always purchase some from every convention I attend.  AG Styles takes sculpture to a whole new level though.  Her polymer clay Yoshi stylus was the piece that caught my eye and sent me to her Deviant Art page at

But then I started looking through her Deviant Art and visited her Etsy shop at and was just blown away from her talent!  Take a look at some of these pieces.



The totoro is amazing!!  I may have to buy something to wear to my next convention.  Check out her sites to see more!


Roman Sock

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Before I met Nicole my exposure to knitting and crocheting included scarves, hats, sweaters, and blankets.  She exposed me to a whole new world that exists in yarn.  Now I see all of the potential that yarn can have, especially with animaguri.  Roman Sock creates some really cool animaguri featuring mostly animals.


She doesn’t sell the finished products though, she sells the patterns to these fantastic creations.  But not only does she sell her patterns, but she has free tutorials to a lot of other animaguri.


So if you want to take a look at her site and some of these free patterns yourself, head over to her page at


Free Craftsy Classes!

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I received an email from Joanns over the weekend about some awesome free Craftsy classes.  If you haven’t seen Craftsy, it is a really cool site that has on line classes (well, pre-recorded classes you watch at your own pace) for a ton of different crafts.  They have classes for cake decorating, jewelry, crocheting, knitting, paper crafting, quilting, home & garden, spinning, weaving, fine arts, photography, embroidery, food & cooking, and sewing.  Whew that is a long list.

They have some free mini classes that you can take to see how their classes are structured and see if it is right for you.  Every now and then they offer some of their main classes for free through some of their partners like Joanns.  The free classes Joanns have in the email are some great sewing classes that include:

Bag Making Basics

Basic Quiltmaking Skills

Sewing Machine Feet

So if you ever wanted to learn to sew, quilt, or know more about your sewing machine feet then head over to Craftsy and take one of these classes while they are still free!



Girls with guitars…or perhaps a ukulele?

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Ok so the artist I’m featuring today may not be a girl but he makes some beautiful handcrafted instruments. Mainly guitars and ukuleles, but the song “Girls with guitars” was all I could think about when looking at these striking pieces. I’ve always wanted to play guitar but apparently I’ve never had the patience to practice. So instead I admire the beauty of the sound and shape of the instrument. Celentano Woodworks, owned by Paul Celentano, has some of the most creative guitars I have ever seen! He also makes ukuleles that are equally creative. I would gladly acquire one of his instruments just for a conversation starter and a piece of artwork in my home. To have not only the skill to do woodwork but make a functioning instrument is impressive. Below are some of the instruments found on his Etsy site:

CelentanoWoodworks AtomCelentano Woodworks Jaws Celentano Woodworks Cupcake

Check him out at:

Have a great day!



I’m baaaack… so now I shall post!

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Hey there! You may not remember me but about a month ago I made an intro post on the blog. The reason you all haven’t seen me post much is due to the fact that from the time I made that intro post to Sunday May 18th, I was finishing the planning for my wedding. Well the wedding happened on the 18th on a most gorgeous day on the beach and I am now a happily married woman. So on that note I decided to mark my return with a wedding related post.

I was perusing Etsy and found this lovely little shop called 100original. The artist Hara Kang hails from New Zealand and makes the most adorable wedding cake toppers. Some of them may not be strictly geeky but she does have a handful featuring favorite characters from movies and video games. My wedding was fish themed and my Matron of Honor made my cake topper but had I planned a geeky wedding I certainly would have considered having her make a custom wedding topper for me.

Check out her Totoro topper:

Custom Wedding Cake Topper - Cute Totoro Couple

This Yoshi one is super adorable!

Custom Wedding Cake Topper - Running Yoshi Couple

I have never been able to mold anything out of clay that doesn’t look like a lump. So these cake toppers just fascinate me to see the adorableness that one can make out of clay. Check this artist out on her etsy site:

Thanks for stopping by,


Fused Glass

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I love Jewelry. It is so expressive and beautiful no matter the design base. Hard and geometric or smooth and organic, I love them all. Since I work with my hands as often as I do however, I am not a big fan of wearing jewelry. 🙁 That doesn’t mean I don’t enjoy showing off the beautiful pieces I find though, and today’s is no exception!

I first came across Lindsey’s creations about 4 years ago when she was just starting out and instantly wanted to know how she made such beautiful jewelery.

Cloud Pendant by Fused Elegance

The technique she uses is called Fused Glass, and involves -from what I can gather- strategically layering glass with other materials in a tiny oven. Heat it to crazy hot temperatures. And hope everything turned out well. Clearly she has mastered this technique as her skill and designs have only grown more detailed and expressive as the years have gone on.

Rainbow Wood Nymph Wing by Fused Elegance

She’s just gotten active on her shop and online again, so if you’re interested in her design and want to check out more (or order a piece or two), you find her shop over here on Etsy.


An Alternative Statue

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Much like crochet/knit plush have taken off in recent years, the art of making figurines out of paper has been gaining traction as well. This is called, appropriately, Papercraft, and it has a WIDE range of options depending on your skill level. Most casual hobbiest have no doubt given it a try thanks to the vast amount of communities and artists out there who spend hours developing the patterns from the in game character models, and then share them online. Much like everyone else does when approaching a new project, I jumped feet first into an advanced design (go big or go home, right? ;P) by making Wolf Link from Twilight Princess. It was certainly a learning process as it’s not a simple design, and I definitely needed a walkthru to tell me what to do.

Mine of course was not quite this pretty, (I had trouble with those tiny earrings…) but the end result is beautiful. One of the most well circulated ones from a few years back was a life sized Link (Also from Twilight Princess) that was made from hundreds of sheets of card stock paper. A feet not often matched with this art form, but certainly one worth applauding! If you enjoy making figures but sewing or crocheting are just not something you want to try, I really recommend giving this hobby a look. The patterns vary greatly by difficulty, and the communities are helpful to those who wish to get into the hobby. 🙂

X-Wing (Star Wars) from the PaperCraft Museum


DIY Graduation

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As promised yesterday, I searched the web (well, mostly pintrest) for some great do it yourself graduation ideas that anyone can do.  The first thing you need is announcements or invitations.  Carole on Pintrest made a great board with multiple announcement and invitation templates you can use like this one:

You will then need a gift for the graduate.  Craft, Names, and Things has a great board of graduation DIY gift ideas such as a graduation lei.


Finally, the party.  Brittni Kennedy has a board devoted to DIY graduation party ideas.  I particularly love the napkins as diplomas.


So no matter what your budget, you can make graduation special and memorable for the graduate in your life.