10 Scrap Wood Projects for the Novice Wood Worker

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Hi! This is written by Paul from Woodworkboss who is the guest blogger today.

If you’re a novice wood worker, you might be looking for a few easy projects to hone some of your basic skills, so you can then move onto more advanced projects. There are numerous projects that you can start with that you do fairly inexpensively by using scrap wood.

Here are ten projects that can be completed within a day or even a few hours, that will help you practice your skills, and only require scrap wood and the tools that you will need to invest in to move onto larger and more complex projects.

1. Wood Wall Hooks
If you have some old crown molding lying around, you can make wooden wall hooks by painting or staining them and attaching hooks. With this project, you’ll can practice drilling and using a power sander. As the end result, you’ll have a fun place to hang your coats, hats, and scarves in your entryway.

2. Kids Step Stool
With a couple of 2X4s, some scraps, a few screws, and the help of a miter saw, you can make a stool that will help children reach the sink to brush their teeth and wash their hands in the bathroom or kitchen. As always, don’t forget safety when dealing with saws and remember to use safety goggles. This is a great project for learning how to cut with a miter saw and make fairly simple schematics for the project.

3. Wood Shelves
A miter saw might be helpful for this project, too. If you choose to make shelves that require 45 degree angle cuts, you will learn how to use your miter saw’s capabilities for cutting other than 90 degree angles. You will also learn how to fit corners snuggly.

4. Scrap Wood Snowflake
Decorations for the home can become expensive, but if you learn to make wall decorations, such as a wood snowflake using reclaimed wood, you can have a project that you can proudly display, at a fraction of the cost. This project will also help you visualize a complete project, but it’s nice for beginners because the angles don’t have to fit snugly together.

5. Pallet End Table
There are countless projects that you can create just by recycling pallet wood. An end table made from an old pallet is just one of many. Using exclusively 90 degree angle cuts, this project is easier than it looks, but it also gives the maker practice is creating a sturdy design. For projects two through four, you can check them out here.

6. Drum Planters
The nice thing about scrap wood is, if you make a mistake, you can try again at a low cost. A drum, due to its circular shape, will require you to make 45 degree angle cuts for the top, but the bottom is simple, straight lines.

7. Scrap Cutting Board
With a few pieces of multi-colored wood, a miter saw, a hand or electrical planer, a sander, and some wood glue, you can make a beautiful cutting board. Photos and more detailed directions for ideas six and seven are here.

8. Gardening Trellis
Many plants, such as cucumber, need a trellis to expand and grow on. This is a greatly useful and super easy way to use your scrap wood. Attach some mesh wire to the frame with a staple gun and your plants are ready to grow.

9. Tea Light Candle Holder
This is a very popular project, because it only requires a small amount of wood. You can create them in simple square shapes or get fancy with sanding and shaping and make them into hearts.

10. Fish and Fisherman Wind Chime
This is a really fun project, and it only requires some scrap wood and some old silverware. Photos for projects eight through ten are here.

There are countless ways that you can use old scrap wood to make items that are fun, beautiful, and useful.

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